Grimoire of Supremacy
Warlock grimoireofcommand.png
  • Grimoire of Supremacy
  • Level 75 warlock talent
  • Passive
  • You command stronger demons, replacing your normal minions. These demons deal 20% additional damage and have more powerful abilities.

    Spells Learned:
    Summon Fel Imp
    Summon Voidlord
    Summon Shivarra
    Summon Observer
    Summon Wrathguard
    Summon Abyssal
    Summon Terrorguard
Usable by
Class Warlock
Other information
Level available 75
Affects [Summon Imp], [Summon Voidwalker], [Summon Succubus], [Summon Felhunter], [Summon Felguard], [Summon Infernal], [Summon Doomguard]

Grimoire of Supremacy is a warlock talent, available at level 75.

When talented, a Warlocks usual summoned minions are replaced by more powerful demons.

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