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Grizzek Fizzwrench

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NeutralGrizzek Fizzwrench
Image of Grizzek Fizzwrench
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Level 50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Independent
Former affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel, Horde
Occupation Engineer
Location Greystone Keep, Tiragarde Sound;
Tanaris[27.2, 60]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sapphronetta Flivvers (on-again, off-again wife)
Companion(s) Feathers

Grizzek Fizzwrench is a goblin engineer living in Tanaris. He is bald and originally had yellow-green skin but the hot sun has turned it into forest-emerald hue. He has a robotic parrot named Feathers.


Before the Storm

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Grizzek was previously married to Sapphronetta "Saffy" Flivvers when he was young. They were lab partners that were stupid enough to fall in love with each other. After the first month, their relationship began to fall apart because everything one of them did seemed to irritate the other. After Saffy divorced Grizzek, she joined the Explorer's League.[1] Although Saffy claimed that the robotic parrot Feathers was hers, they in fact made it together as a first (and last) anniversary gift to each other[2] and Grizzek had cherished it ever since.

Grizzek was originally a part of the Bilgewater Cartel living on Kezan. Once the isle exploded, he and the cartel moved to Azshara. He didn't like the land, the idea of reshaping it into the Horde emblem, the idea of joining the Horde, or the Horde races, or the high position Jastor Gallywix obtained by becoming a leader of a Horde faction. One day, he just decided to leave Azshara. He took his belongings, except his inventions that were left with Jastor, and moved to a deserted beach in Tanaris where he constructed a small domicile and laboratory. Over the next years, he built a defense system using various robots and warning devices. He enjoyed his freedom and daily routines until Jastor Gallywix paid him a visit after the end of the Argus Campaign.[3]

Grizzek agreed to invent Azerite products for Gallywix but stipulated he be allowed the freedom to dictate how he worked, what he made, how it was used, and also the assistance of his former lab partner Sapphronetta. Gallywix reluctantly agreed to Grizzek's demands but to ensure Grizzek's compliance, he also stationed his bruisers and Druz to supervise him while he worked.

Saffy was kidnapped and taken to Grizzek's lab, although Grizzek reproached her kidnappers for treating her roughly. Although Saffy was disdainful to Grizzek, Grizzek was happy to see her. Saffy was against anything to do with him until Grizzek put a piece of Azerite into her palm and its effects opened her mind to the possibilities the two could do with it.[2]

As the weeks went by, Saffy and Grizzek worked on making new Azerite inventions for Gallywix, such as armor and building material. As the two worked together, they began to rekindle their relationship. Eventually, they were notified that they were now ordered to create only weapons.[1]

The couple was devastated by this news as they did not want to create things that caused harm unto others. They created a plan where they would set up a bomb in their lab and secretly escape through a tunnel that opened up in a random part of Tanaris. They also programmed Feathers to fly to Teldrassil with a warning of what had happened and a plea for rescue, with the duo intending to offer their discoveries to the Alliance on the stipulation that they would only create things that could help, not harm. Prior to leaving, Grizzek proposed once more to Sapphronetta, offering her an Azerite ring, and she accepted. While traveling through the tunnel, they talked openly about their feelings for each other. When the duo exited the tunnel, however, they were captured and tied up back-to-back by Druz, Kezzig, and their goons, who had also taken their notes. Druz informed them that they knew of their plan ahead of time and had taken all their inventions, as well as disarmed Grizzek's bomb in the lab and shot Feathers out of the sky. Kezzig then placed a bomb between the gnome and goblin and left with Druz and the goons.

The newly engaged couple were able to get the bomb to fall to the ground between them, but when they attempted to flee, their short, tied up legs could only get them so far. As they continued to waddle their way to safety, Grizzek lamented that Gallywix would exploit their work to hurt others after all. Saffy, however, confessed that he wouldn't since she had already destroyed their notes, leaving Gallywix unable to recreate their experiments and with access to only a few prototypes and mixed potions. At that moment, Grizzek slipped on a stone and broke his ankle, forcing him and Saffy to crawl. However, the gnome then realized that she was still wearing the Azerite ring, which would possibly be enough to protect them from the explosion. As Grizzek was in the process of saying "I love you" to Sapphronetta, the bomb went off.[4]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Grizzek, Saffy, and Feathers reunited.

The two survived the explosion and made their way to Kul Tiras. During a Horde incursion into Tiragarde Sound they could be found in hiding at Greystone Keep, and provided the Grizzek's Rocket Hop to aid an Alliance adventurer in fighting the Horde off.[5]

An adventurer would later travel to Tanaris to investigate what happened to Sapphronetta and Grizzek. After repairing Feathers and following him, the adventurer found Saffy and Grizzek just north of Thistleshrub Valley.[6] Knowing that if the adventurer found them that meant others could, Saffy and Grizzek promised to give the hero Feathers in exchange for telling everyone that they had died. With that, the pair drove off on Grizzek's bike. While Gallywix was convinced, Gazlowe saw through the adventurer's lie and was happy that Grizzek still lived.[7]

Grizzek in disguise on Mechagon Island.

Later, the adventurer enlists Sapphronetta's aid in the mission to Mechagon. She agrees, so long as Grizzek - who is living with her in Boralus - is allowed to come as well.[8] Later, if Sapphronetta is spoken to in Rustbolt on the subject of goblin technology, she flashes the Azerite engagement ring that Grizzek gave her in Tanaris. Grizzek covers himself from head to toe to hide his goblin identity from the gnomes on their expedition team, though once they and the goblin team led by Gazlowe are welcomed to Rustbolt by Prince Erazmin, he was apparently comfortable enough to not wear the disguise.


  • Inv misc bandana 03.png  Grizzek's Disquise — Disguised from head to toe. The following tooltip is not seen in the game: Disguise yourself to hide your identity.


Objective of



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Random approach conversation
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: It sounds like ol' Hobart may not have been completely forthright in inventing his 'inventions'.
Grizzek Fizzwrench says: I wonder if he really created anything he claimed.
Sapphronetta Flivvers says: Subject Nine was his... which, actually... I may see a trend here.


At Rustbolt
  • You came over with Gazlowe, right?
He's agreed to "forget" that me and Saffy were out here when Gallywix checks in on him.
I know we can trust you to do the same.
  • I appreciate you helpin' me keep a low profile on the trip over, <name>.
Not to happy to find the Horde here, but I'm atleast grateful it's Gazlowe.


  • Could always use a hand.
  • Somethin' on your mind?
  • How ya doin'?
  • What ya workin' on?
  • Must be nice, not havin' anything better to do.
  • Take it easy!
  • See ya 'round, pal.
  • Alright, get goin'.
  • We all got work to do.

Notes and trivia

  • Grizzek and Sapphronetta created several nicknames for each other during their first marriage, with Saffy sometimes calling Grizzek Grizzy.[1]
  • Oddly, prior to his departure from the Bilgewater Cartel, Grizzek always got along well with Druz,[3] who called him Grizz.[4]
  • In addition to Feathers and his home defense system, Grizzek owned a variety of inventions in his domicile in Tanaris, such as explosive devices, various gizmos that handled cooking and cleaning for him,[3] and a modified shredder he called the Crunchola (or, more affectionately, "Crunchy").[1] Furthermore, he always kept a  [Goblin Dragon Gun, Mark II] nearby in order to ward off intruders.[3]
  • As previously mentioned, Grizzek dislikes most of the races that make up the Horde. The Forsaken (whom he refers to as "deaders") give him the creeps, the trolls' relationship with the loa "scare[s] the crap" out of him, and he considers the tauren to be too in love with the land to make any reasonable person comfortable. He views the orcs as thinking they're better than everyone else (being the original members of the Horde), while the pandaren are simply too nice. Finally, while Grizzek has met a blood elf or two he could share a beer with, in general the race is far too "pretty" and fixated on "pretty things", a description that definitely does not fit goblins or their culture.[3]
  • Grizzek and Sapphronetta's appearances in Tiragarde Sound leaves them unnamed, referring to them as simply "Unidentified Goblin" and "Unidentified Gnome", but their identities are clear from the name of the  [Grizzek's Rocket Hop] and from Grizzek referring to Sapphronetta as "pumpkin", a reference to him calling Saffy "Punkin" in Before the Storm.
  • Grizzek's appearance in Tiragarde appears to depict him with hair, whereas he is bald in both Before the Storm and his subsequent in-game appearances.
    • In one scene in Before the Storm, Saffy applied a single drop of an Azerite potion to Grizzek's head, instantly causing him to grow a long mane of thick black hair, which he immediately begged her to cut off.[1] One can speculate that he may have decided to keep a portion of the hair, as seen in Tiragarde, before later shaving off the rest to leave him bald like before.
  • Grizzek and Saffy were originally planned to die at the end of Before the Storm, but Christie Golden later changed their fate to be more ambiguous because of how dark the rest of the book is.[9]
  • In Operation: Mechagon, Barcinski Keenwatts has the same model and voicelines as Grizzek.
  • Sometimes, two Grizzeks can be spawned in Rustbolt at the same time.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The fact that Grizzek also mentioned the Horde pandaren along with the rest of the Horde races indicates that he would spend at least 2 years in Azshara before moving to Tanaris after the discovery of Pandaria.
  •  [Gallywix Getaway Pack] may have originally been created by Grizzek.


Patch changes


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