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Gender Male
Race Arakkoa
Affiliation(s) Sethekk,[1] Sons of Lothar
Former affiliation(s) Skyreach
Occupation Former guard of Skyreach, leader of a group of arakkoa, ally of the Alliance Expedition
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Grizzik was an arakkoa living in Terokkar Forest during the Alliance invasion of Draenor. He and his brethren had fought the Horde alongside draenei in Shadowmoon Valley.


Rise of the Horde[]

Grizzik was once a guard of Skyreach, the high arakkoa capital in the Spires of Arak. The Old Horde, knowing the arakkoa were a threat due to their recovered Apexis technology, sent Kargath Bladefist to take care of them. Kargath's orc soldiers allied with the cursed and flightless Arakkoa Outcasts to destroy the weaponry and kill the high arakkoa. However, not all high arakkoa were killed. Some were taken prisoner and cast into the Sethekk Hollow, where their wings shriveled and their bodies contorted due to the dying curse of the wicked god Sethe. Grizzik was among the survivors and took his fellow now wingless arakkoa to hide in Auchindoun, for the Horde feared the haunted ruins. There, he nursed a bitter hatred of the Horde and awaited the day when he might exact vengeance.[2] Dark forces had claimed Auchindoun years ago, and the arakkoa spent their time studying them, worshiping them, and eventually falling under their sway.[1]

The Second War[]

Grizzik allied himself with the Sons of Lothar against the Horde for what they did to his race. After the Alliance Expedition arrived on Draenor, Grizzik noticed them and followed the expedition in secret. On the night Allerian Stronghold's foundation was built, Grizzik was caught spying on them. When he was tied up by the high elves, Danath Trollbane and Talthressar questioned him and he claimed he was not there to attack. Danath was surprised that he could speak their language and Grizzik told them that he learns fast. After releasing him because Danath didn't believe he was of any harm, Grizzik agreed to lead the Alliance troops to Auchindoun, where the orcs took refuge, and introduced them to the Auchenai priest Nemuraan. While he looked frightened by the draenei he was dangerous in battle. Grizzik showed his true abilities when he fought the orcs alongside the Alliance races. He slit the throat of an orc and blinded a second one with its beak.[3]

After discovering where Ner'zhul had gone to, Grizzik was more than willing to lead them to the Black Temple because he and his brethren fought when Karabor fell. When Danath's forces were camped at the start of Shadowmoon Valley, Kurdran took Grizzik on Sky'ree to Turalyon where he led them to Danath.[4]

It's unknown if he survived the destruction of Draenor.


  • "Grizzik is arakkoa. Old race. Oldest maybe in world. Grizzik curious! No harm!"
  • "Arakkoa ancient people. We stay to selves. But! We watch peaceful draenei, primitive orcs. But who could know? Madness come to orcs. What — we know not."
  • "Draenor is name they call world, yes. They proud of selves, they name whole world after selves. They strong... before."
  • "Yes, yes. Once many, many draenei. They use bright light. Live here long time. They think selves strong and good, no one stop draenei, no no. But orcs— Gone. Only few left now. Now once-proud draenei hide away."