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Race(s) HumanHuman Human
WorgenWorgen Worgen
Character classes Hunter, Tracker, Trapper
Capital Silverbrook
Solstice Village
Base of operations Various outposts
Theater of operations Grizzly Hills
Language(s) Common[1][2]
Affiliation Independent
Wolfcult (Scourge)

The trappers[3][4][5][6][7][8] are a population of humans who inhabit various outposts in the Grizzly Hills in Northrend. They did not arrive with the Alliance Vanguard and have apparently lived in Northrend since long before the war against the Lich King; Alliance forces refer to them as "locals"[3][4][9][10] and as a distinct people.[11] Most of the trappers were absorbed into the Wolfcult, a Scourge organization which transformed its members into worgen.


During the war against the Lich King, Trapper Jethan traveled south to Fort Wildervar in the Howling Fjord to trade meat and fur with the Alliance Vanguard forces there. Jethan also recommended Alliance adventurers to visit his people's outpost in the Grizzly Hills when they headed north.[11]

At some point before the war, the deceased Gilnean archmage Arugal was resurrected by the Scourge and sent to Solstice Village,[12] where he created a Wolfcult to convert the trappers into worgen. According to Anatoly, the trappers joined the cult because they believed that everyone would inevitably come to serve the Lich King and that it was better to do so as a worgen than by becoming an undead.[13] The inhabitants of the town of Silverbrook were initially reluctant to embrace the cult, but sympathizers gradually sprung up among the residents. The trapper Mikhail was unsettled by this and sent his daughters Sasha and Anya away from town while he attempted to reason with the other villagers,[2][14] but the cultists responded by killing him.[8] The miners at Hollowstone Mine also refused to join the cult. In response, Arugal made an example out of them by transforming them into undead.[15] Another trapper, Hugh Glass,[16] managed to escape from the worgen to the Redwood Trading Post but seemingly lost his mind in the process.

Shortly after arriving in the hills, the Alliance troops at Amberpine Lodge reached a deadlock with the Horde forces from Conquest Hold.[3] Over several weeks,[5] the Alliance tried to negotiate a pact with the trappers in the hopes that they would provide logistical support[10] and agree to serve as scouts for the king's army.[4] Envoy Ducal was sent to Silverbrook as part of the negotiations.[5] The Horde sent forces to attack the trappers with the intent of killing them before they could join the Alliance,[7][17] including by launching an attack on Silverbrook.[18] The trappers eventually agreed to give the Alliance the combat edge they needed if they returned a relic stolen by the Horde.[3] Adventurers successfully delivered the relic and traveled to Silverbrook,[5] where they helped defend the town from the Horde's marauders.[19] However, thanks to Mikhail's daughter Sasha and a captured Alliance scout, the adventurers discovered Silverbrook's allegiance to the Wolfcult,[9] thereby starting off a conflict between the Alliance and the worgen.[6]

Ultimately, the Wolfcult was defeated when adventurers joined forces with Sasha and defeated the Shade of Arugal atop Bloodmoon Isle.[20][21] Years later, Sasha went on to join the Unseen Path. The status of the rest of trapper society (or what's left of it) is not known.


A typical trapper.

The trappers are a hardy people closely familiar with the lay of the land.[5] It is apparently common for trappers to make trophies of their kills, including the offspring of the killed animal.[22] They keep horses[9][23] and according to Katja, they also engage in farming (though no crops are actually seen in-game).[24] Trappers speak a variant of Common.[1][2]

Their culture seems to revolve entirely around hunting, and their settlements use a unique construction style with large amounts of wood and fur. Many trapper buildings are decorated with snowshoes, bear hides, and skulls from yetis and other creatures. Graveyards found throughout Grizzly Hills feature grave markers adorned with bear traps.

According to Sergei, an inhabitant of Silverbrook is not considered a real hunter unless they prove their courage by wearing their prey's skin.[25] However, according to Sasha, this test is actually an initiation rite for the Wolfcult.[26]

After the trappers of Silverbrook were revealed to actually be worgen, Lieutenant Dumont referred to them derisively as "savages".[6]


For a full list of trappers who joined the Wolfcult, see Wolfcult#Members.




This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The Warcraft III manual, the History of Warcraft entry Icecrown and the Frozen Throne, and the online article The Undead Plague all state that the Lich King used the Plague of Undeath to subjugate every human inhabitant of Northrend prior to the Third War. This may mean that the trappers only arrived to the Grizzly Hills after this point. Alternatively, since this detail is only mentioned in sources that predate Wrath of the Lich King, it may have been retconned to have only been most or some Northrend humans.



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