HordeGrookin Hill
Grookin Mound.jpg
Type Village
Leader(s) IconSmall Hozen.gif Chief Kah Kah
Government Tribal
Race(s) Hozen Hozen
Language(s) Hozen
Resource(s) Fishing, hunting
Affiliation(s) Horde Forest Hozen
Location Western Jade Forest
Status Active

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Grookin Hill is a hozen village found just west of Tigers' Wood, past the Slicky Stream in western Jade Forest. This is the main village of the Forest Hozen, where the big chief resides.

After gaining favor with the hozen, by killing the mean wikkets (the Alliance who were killing them), killing a hozen-killing tiger, and gathering bait to catch fish, the chief decides to fight alongside the good wikkets (the Horde). When the signal flare is lit by the adventurer, the surviving Horde attack force make their way from the Strongarm Airstrip to here as their new temporary base of operations.

Notable NPCs

Additional NPCs

Notes and trivia

  • During the questing, the area is phased to contain new hozen soldiers, Horde banners, and supplies (and a recovering Sergeant Gorrok).
    • Among the new objects are Grookin Hill Phased Horde Supplies. Due to the object's name, it is possible that its visibility is an oversight.
  • While the Horde forces are at the base:
  • During the early beta, the area was named Fort Grookin and Grookin Mound.

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