Image of Groonoomcrooek
Race Tirnenn (Elemental)
Level 50-60
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Growthworks[56.4, 29.2] and
Glitterfall Basin,[51.8, 32.0] Ardenweald

Groonoomcrooek is a tirnenn located at the Growthworks and Glitterfall Basin in Ardenweald.

Objective of



Main article: Ages-Echoing Wisdom#Notes
  • Greetings are such peculiar things. Why do we only greet people? I spent some time greeting plants and insects, ages ago. Now they can hold a conversation.
  • The forest is much to many, and nothing to many more. But such is the way of all things.
To us, the forest is the forest.
  • The woods spoke of your coming, Maw Walker.
  • Oh, hello again. I was just speaking with Tirna Eas.
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Please, continue. You are not interrupting. This conversation will take at least a few eons. We have not spoken in some time. Can you repair equipment

  • This forest, that forest. Such strange distinctions. We are all leaves in the great forest.
  • We meet once more, Maw Walker. Perhaps we shall meet again.

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