NeutralGrowing Power
Start Justicar Julia Celeste
End Lord Maxwell Tyrosus
Level 10-45
Category Paladin Campaign
Experience 1,500
Rewards 1g 58s
Previous N Paladin [10-45] A Sound Plan
Next N Paladin [10-45] Rise, Champions


Speak to Maxwell Tyrosus at the Sanctum of Light.


Lord Maxwell Tyrosus has requested your presence back at the Sanctum of Light.

Our campaign to defend the Broken Isles is getting under way, and we need you at the helm.


You will receive:

  • 1g 58s
  • 1,500 XP


Thank you for coming so quickly, Highlord.


When you next appear in Dalaran, a familiar paladin will attempt to get your attention:

Justicar Julia Celeste says: Highlord, a moment of your time, please.

On accept:

Justicar Julia Celeste says: We look forward to your return to Light's Hope Chapel.
She rides off.


  1. N Paladin [10-45] An Urgent Gathering
  2. N Paladin [10-45] Weapons of Legend
  3. Acquire the chosen artifact:
  4. N Paladin [10-45] We Meet at Light's Hope
  5. N Paladin [10-45] A United Force
  6. N Paladin [10-45] Logistical Matters
  7. N Paladin [10-45] A Sound Plan
  8. N Paladin [10-45] Growing Power (optional)
  9. N Paladin [10-45] Rise, Champions
  10. N Paladin [10-45] The Blood Matriarch
  11. N Paladin [10-45] Dark Storms
  12. Complete all of:
  13. N Paladin [10-45] To Faronaar
  14. N Paladin [10-45] This Is Retribution
  15. Complete both:
  16. N Paladin [10-45] The Codex of Command
  17. N Paladin [10-45] Silver Hand Knights (optional)
  18. Complete both:
  19. N Paladin [10-45] Cracking the Codex
  20. Complete both:
  21. N Paladin [10-45] Translation: Danger!

Level 45

  1. N Paladin [45D] Black Rook Hold: Lord Ravencrest
  2. N Paladin [45] To Felblaze Ingress
  3. N Paladin [45] Aponi's Trail
  4. Complete both:
  5. N Paladin [45] United As One
  6. Complete all of:
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N Paladin [45] A Light in the Darkness
  9. N Paladin [45] Warriors of Light

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