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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Gruff Slategray is a dwarven buccaneer. Dwarves don't go to sea. Dwarves do not become pirates. And yet tales exist of Gruff Slategray. Kidnapped for his skill in making firearms, he supplies a pirate gang with guns. Once, when the Alliance attacked, Gruff realized that although he was a prisoner, he had to help keep the ship afloat in order to survive. So he climbed to the top of the mast with a rifle he got off a dead body and shot Alliance sailors who were attempting to set fire to the ship. It broke his heart a little bit each time he shot one down, and now he lives a life of self-loathing, missing his mountains, but forced to aid the pirates when they come under fire. His time with weapons and ammunition is closely monitored, but he is developing a plan, and may someday turn against his captors, whether he goes down with the ship or not. He knows that he has done too much damage to the Alliance to ever rejoin it, but he has learned enough of the sea to dream of touring in his own ship, gathering exiles and vagabonds like himself. Yet first he must escape, and second he must do so alive.[1]