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For the pre-patch 2.0 PvP title, see Grunt (Legacy). For the Rated Battlegrounds title, see Horde Achievement pvp h 02 [Grunt].
Warcraft III Reforged Invasion of Kalimdor Campaign

Orc grunt in Warcraft III: Reforged.

Grunts are the basic warriors of the Horde and the orcish clans. They are typically equipped with mighty axes and battle-worn armor.

Grunts appeared as units on the orc or Horde side in Warcraft, Warcraft II and Warcraft III. They are the classic counterpart to human footmen but are stronger than them in Warcraft III. They do, however, cost much more. In all the strategy games they are voiced by Bill Roper.

First War[]

WCOnH logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.
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Grunts were the first level of warrior in the service of the orc's armies. Trained for close combat, these soldiers made excellent fodder for wading through human forces. Use of the axe and shield was their specialty, and they were hearty fighters with a taste for blood.[1]

Second War[]

WC2BnE-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.
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Those orcs who distinguished themselves enough in the arts of war to be trained as grunts epitomized the merciless spirit of the Horde. Equipped with mighty axes and battle-worn armor, they were prepared to fight to the death. Devoted to the Horde and to their clans, the grunt lusted for battle - wanting nothing more than to wade into the field of carnage and die a bloody death surrounded by the bodies of his fallen enemies.[2]

Veteran grunts were sometimes put at work in blacksmith shops due to their understanding of the value of strong steel.[3] Some grunts were also former raiders, degraded to being footsoldiers after their ranks were disbanded by Orgrim Doomhammer.[4]

Third War[]

WC3RoC-logo This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.
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Grunts are the first and last line of the Horde's defense. These powerful fighters arm themselves with mighty battle-axes and display all of the savagery and cunning of their race. In past generations, grunts were characterized by their depravity and brutality. But now, under the visionary leadership of Thrall, the grunts more closely resemble their savage, yet noble ancestors.[5]

Chaos Grunt and Fel Orc Grunt are red skinned orc grunts that are campaign only units.

World of Warcraft[]

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