For lore about guard towers, see Guard tower.
Guard Tower
Race Orc
Faction Horde
Hit Points 130
Armor 20
Sight 9
Gold 500 Gold
Lumber 150 Lumber
Build time 140 seconds
Basic Damage 4
Piercing Damage 12
Range 6
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Guard Towers are Watch Towers upgraded to loose deadly projectiles upon any approaching enemies.[1]


  • Guard Towers provide a reliable defense for your settlement. They fire moderately powerful projectiles that can hit enemy land, sea and air units.
  • They are less durable than Cannon Towers and their projectiles do less damage and lack "splash" damage. However, they always hit their targets and can hit enemy fliers, and never damage your own units by mistake.
  • For optimal efficiency, towers should be protected by Walls or cheap buildings like Farms, which will also protect them against Demolition Squads. They are much more effective if multiple towers are built close enough to cover each other.
  • Being immobile, they are vulnerable to all units that outrange them, especially Ballistas and Mages. They also lack the power to effectively take on Battleships.
  • They cannot be controlled directly, and will fire automatically at enemy units, targeting enemies according to a built-in priority list:
  1. Catapult/Ballista, Mage/Death Knight, Transport
  2. Gryphon/Dragon, Destroyer, Paladin/Ogre-Mage
  3. Battleship/Juggernaught, Knight/Ogre, Daemon
  4. Footman/Grunt, Gnomish Submarine/Giant Turtle
  5. Ranger/Berserker
  6. Archer/Axethrower, Demolition Squad/Sappers, Skeleton, Scout Tower
  7. Peasant/Peon, Attack Peasant/Peon, Oil Tanker
  8. Castle/Fortress, Cannon Tower, Guard Tower, Flying Machine/Zeppelin
  9. Keep/Stronghold, Great/Town Hall, Mage Tower/Temple of the Damned
  10. Barracks
  11. Shipyard
  12. Lumber Mill, Oil Refinery
  13. Farm, Oil Platform
  14. Other buildings
  15. Eye of Kilrogg
Note: Heroes are counted as their base unit, except Lothar, who is counted as a Paladin, and Alleria, Zuljin, and Dentarg, who are treated as the base version of their unit, rather than the upgraded one (Archer, Axethrower, and Ogre, rather than Ranger, Berzerker, and Ogre-Mage)
  • A Troll Lumber Mill is needed to upgrade Watch Towers to Guard Towers.
  • Guard Towers can also be used offensively, by building them near the enemy settlement.

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