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For the Hall of the Guardian's library of the same name, see Hall of the Guardian.
Guardian's Library

The Guardian's Library.

The Guardian's Library was the private repository of arcane knowledge held by Medivh deep inside his tower of Karazhan.


In his private library, the Last Guardian of Tirisfal had amassed a vast collection of writings and artifacts that dwarfs even that of the Kirin Tor.[1]

The Last Guardian[]

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Chronicle2 Young Khadgar

Young Khadgar in his master's library, as seen in Chronicle Volume 2.

For years before the First War, a conclave of influential scholars, mages, and sorcerers in the Kirin Tor tried to insinuate a sympathetic ear in Karazhan, as they wanted to learn what knowledge was hidden away in this library. When the young Khadgar was sent to become the Guardian's apprentice, they requested him to research specific things for them in there.[2] The Great Magus actually had the habit of sending tentative new assistants to sort out the library, which was a horrible mess of trapped books, disjointed tomes, and unsorted correspondence. At least two assistants had died there, only scorch marks being left of them. With the help of a trap-detecting device, Khadgar eventually managed to sort out the library to better order in about three full weeks of work.[3] Garona later spend some time in the library acquiring knowledge about the world of Azeroth. A demon eventually attacked the library, leading to many damages among the cases and books.[4]

Tides of Darkness[]

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At the time of the Second War, among the members of the Council of Six — the high council of the Kirin Tor — the archmage Kel'Thuzad was the most eager to gain access to the Guardian's Library, and thus he was most upset when the library was lost and sealed off from the rest of the world.[5]

Burning Crusade[]

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During the invasion of Outland, Khadgar unlocked Karazhan in order for adventurers to raid the tower and defeat its ghostly and demonic inhabitants.[6] When they entered the library, the huge room contains thousands of books in varied conditions - some kept neatly on the shelves, some scattered across the floor or on tables and chairs, and some priceless tomes were even piled up and used for bonfires. The ceiling of the room has broken out, and huge chunks of rock hang suspended in the air, eternally resisting the call of gravity. This is the location of the Shade of Aran, and also grants further access to the top of the tower and its last bosses. Kamsis the conjurer, Gradav the warlock, and Wravien the mage can also be found in the library.


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At some point, when the sisters Loania and Lieren entered Karazhan looking for their father, the paladin Dougan, they met the ghost of Nielas Aran in the library. Furious, the spirit attacked the girls, only to be stopped by the ghost of Dougan.[7]


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Guardian's Library - Harbingers

Archmage Khadgar in his master's library, as seen in Harbingers.

At the time of the third invasion of the Burning Legion, owing to the fact he spent so much time in here, Khadgar referred to the Guardian's Library as his.[8] After he personally informed King Varian Wrynn and Prince Anduin about the arrival of the Legion, Khadgar flew to Karazhan on a gryphon in search of knowledge to aid against the demons. While he was searching the libraries of the tower, an image of Medivh appeared to show him a vision of the end of Azeroth, before offering him to become the new Guardian to prevent this fate. However, Khadgar refused the offer and discovered that Medivh's echo was in fact a monstrously gargantuan nathrezim, the latter attempted to attack before the Archmage destroyed him with his arcane magic.[9]

When Khadgar and the adventurer traveled to Karazhan, in order to find information about the Pillars of Creation and their location, they entered the library and fought its sentries. After the battle, Khadgar managed to reprogram the guardians and sent them to repel the demons in the tower.[10]

When the forces of Burning Legion intended to use Karazhan as a conduit to each and every one of the countless worlds that they had consumed during their Burning Crusade, the Heroes of Azeroth were once again sent by Khadgar to stop them.[11] When they entered the library, gravity appeared to have been twisted with the floor becoming the ceiling. There, the adventurers fought against demons, giant spiders and rats, and even some enchanted books, before they encountered the Shade of Medivh and the Mana Devourer.

Following the defeat of the Burning Legion on Argus, Khadgar returned to Karazhan as he hoped that somewhere in Medivh's ancient texts lay the knowledge needed to heal Azeroth.[12]

Battle for Azeroth[]

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At the time of the Fourth War, the Black Prince Wrathion journeyed to Karazhan where he received information from the library that allowed him to craft a potion that could cleanse someone of the Old Gods corruption.[1]


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Guardian's Library - Dragonflight

Khadgar and Kalecgos in the library.

Years later, Kalecgos went to the library to inform Khadgar about the Primal Incarnates, ancient enemies of the Dragon Aspects, and their return that threatened the world.


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