Guardians of the Vault

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NeutralGuardians of the Vault
Vault of the Earth.jpg
Main leader  Lagar the Wise †
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orc Orc
Base of operations Vault of the Earth
Theater of operations Tanaan Jungle
Status Active
We are few, but are well respected by the elemental forces of Draenor.
Lagar the Wise

The Guardians of the Vault are a faction of orc shaman found at the Vault of the Earth in Tanaan Jungle, where they are guarding the Cipher of Damnation behind a wall of fire.

Gul'dan, who seeks to use the Cipher to sever the link between Draenor and the elements, eventually discovers the location of the cipher and attacks the Vault. In the battle against the Shadow Council forces, most of the shaman are severely injured, and their leader, Lagar the Wise, is killed.[1]

Several survivors joined forces with Oronok.[citation needed] 

Known members