Image of Gug'rokk
Title <Bloodmaul Slave Traders>
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 92 - 102 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bloodmaul clan
Location Slaver's Fist, Bloodmaul Slag Mines
Status Killable

Gug'rokk is an ogre of the Gorian Empire and the final boss in Bloodmaul Slag Mines. He seems to be the leader of the Bloodmaul Slave Traders. Adventurers find him reclining on his throne once they've fought their way through his minions, before engaging him. He is a warlord.[1]


Adventure Guide

Born in the capital of Highmaul, Gug'rokk was at first disdainful of his assignment as the governor of the Bloodmaul mines deep within Frostfire. Over time, however, he has come to appreciate the merits of operating on the outskirts of the Gorian Empire, with absolute control and minimal oversight.


The elementalist Gug'rokk hurls blasts of molten rock at enemies. He periodically summons unstable slag elementals that slowly move towards a kiln, surging with destructive energy if they are able to reach their goal.

Dps icon.png Damage Dealers

  • Interrupt Gug'rokk's [Molten Blast] to prevent him from gaining Molten Core.
  • Defeat Unstable Slag Elementals before they can reach their target kiln, or they will gain Empowered Flames.

Healer icon.png Healers

  • Be prepared for Unstable Slag Elementals to inflict damage to the party through Unleashed Flames.

Tank icon.png Tanks

  • Interrupt Gug'rokk's Molten Blast to prevent him from gaining Molten Core.


  • Spell fire fireball02.png  Molten Blast — Gug'rokk blasts an enemy with molten slag, inflicting 20,000 (Normal), 70,000 (Heroic) or 105,000 (Challenge) Fire damage and granting him one stack of Molten Core.
    • Ability mage moltenarmor.png  Molten Core Important — Gug'rokk's damage is increased by 10% (Normal and Heroic) or 15% (Challenge) for 1 min. Causes a Molten Barrage upon reaching 3 stacks.
      • Spell fire elementaldevastation.png  Molten Barrage Deadly — Gug'rokk explodes with molten energy, inflicting 12,500 (Normal), 40,000 (Heroic) or 60,000 (Challenge) Fire damage to all enemies. This effect consumes Molten Core.
  • Ability rhyolith magmaflow wave.png  Magma Eruption — Gug'rokk summons pools of magma at every player's location for 2 min. Each pool inflicts 10,000 (Normal), 25,000 (Heroic) or 70,000 (Challenge) Fire damage every second to all players within them.
  • Spell fire elemental totem.png  Summon Unstable Slag — Gug'rokk summons an Unstable Slag elemental.
    • Spell fire selfdestruct.png  Unleashed Flames — Unstable Slag elementals siphon flames from a kiln, unleashing in a torrent of fire every 2 sec. Each torrent inflicts 7,500 (Normal), 20,000 (Heroic) or 30,000 (Challenge) Fire damage to 2 random players.
      • Spell fire lavaspawn.png  Empowered Flames — When Unstable Slag elementals reach the kiln they become empowered, inflicting 9,000 (Normal), 25,000 (Heroic) or 37,500 (Challenge) Fire damage to all players every 3 sec.
  • Spell fire fireball.png  Flame Buffet Heroic Difficulty — Gug'rokk ignites all players, inflicting 15,000 (Heroic) or 22,500 (Challenge) Fire damage and increasing their Fire damage taken by 5% for 20 sec.


  • Gug'rokk uses Molten Blast as his primary attack, gaining Molten Core with each successful cast. If he reaches 3 stacks of Molten Core, he will cast Molten Barrage, causing group wide damage, so it's important for DPS and tanks to use interrupts whenever possible, and for healers to be ready to heal, should they fail.
  • Periodically, he casts Magma Eruption, creating pools of magma beneath players' feet. They can simply move out of the flames.
  • The biggest part of this fight are the Unstable Slag elementals, which slowly move towards a kiln, inflicting damage to random party members. If Unstable Slag reach the kiln, they will attack players and periodically inflict group-wide damage. DPS should focus these down immediately before they reach the kilns. A targeting macro can make this almost trivial. Healers will need to be at the ready if they fail.


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It will be a pleasure to break you.
First, I break your spirit, then, I sell your future.
Magma Eruption
Summon Unstable Slag
  • You will be slaves to the slag!
  • The elements hear me and obey!
Killing a Player
  • Fool!
  • You will learn to obey.
You will never... be free...
Unused quote
Your charred remains will make a fine example!

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