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This is a guide to obtaining every blacksmithing recipe in order to be the most complete Blacksmith. It has been designed primarily around Blacksmithing skill level rather than character level.

There are times, though, where character level will intrude — where you must be a particular level if you wish to learn a given rank of Blacksmitning skill or where you must face foes of a particular level should you want to do some particular task.

This guide specifically omits recipes learned from trainers. If you cannot find Blacksmithing Trainers, this guide is probably not of much value to you.

What to do?

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! Many recipes are available from vendors, in limited quantities or not. Part of the point of this article is to tell you where to go to get them...
Auction House trawling
Many recipes are world drops. That is, anything, anywhere, of the appropriate level can drop the recipe. Since there are many more tradeskills available than you can take, the odds that a given recipe drop being one that you can use is small. Your odds are much better looking to the auction house.
As opposed to the above, some recipes are looted off of only a select number of creatures. For some, you need defeat only one (or a very few). Others are more elusive, and you may find yourself devoting days to the hunt. And some, you must defeat a boss in some instance to acquire. Still, some (but not all) of these are Bind on Equip, and so may be found in the auction house.
Sometimes, the only way to learn a recipe is to do 'favors' for people. Or work the right lever on the right machine. Also, there are some quests that require the fruits of some tradeskill. While this article is primarily about gaining recipes, these quests may (or may not) provide opportunity to gain skill in your craft. Note that some of these recipes are tradable, others are not. While it is mechanically possible to find these recipes on the neutral auction house (or even the opposite faction one), it is vanishingly rare to actually find them there.
Many recipes are privately held by a group, and you may only acquire it when you reach some level of favor with that group. As gaining reputation is more arduous (generally) than either gaining levels or gaining skill, these recipes have been listed separately.
Some things just do not fall into neat categories. "Everything is miscellaneous."

Some schematics fall into several categories. Where possible, the easiest means of acquiring the schematic is the one mentioned.

Also, schematics that are Bind-on-Pickup(BoP) are noted as such. All schematics requiring reputation, and some vendor-sold ones, are Bind on Pickup.

Apprentice 0-75

Auction House


Journeyman 76-150

Auction House


Expert 151-225

Auction House




Completing the Mithril Order quest chain yields the following plans

Followed by all of:

220  [Ornate Mithril Gloves] N Blacksmithing [45] The Great Silver Deceiver
220  [Ornate Mithril Pants] N Blacksmithing [45] Smelt on, Smelt off
225  [Ornate Mithril Shoulder] N Blacksmithing [45] The Art of the Imbue
---  [Ornate Mithril Helm] N Blacksmithing [45] A Good Head On Your Shoulders
---  [Ornate Mithril Breastplate] N Blacksmithing [45] The Mithril Kid
---  [Ornate Mithril Boots] N Blacksmithing [45] The World At Your Feet


Artisan 226-300

Weaponsmithing Trainer

Armorsmithing Trainer

Auction House


Magnus Frostwake
To gain access to this vendor, you must complete Kirtonos the Herald to gain  [Spectral Essence]. (You must also have the essence equipped.)
Derotain Mudsipper
A neutral NPC who gives quests for the entire Imperial Plate set. You have to have at least 265 blacksmithing skill to get these quests. Note also that many of the recipes require considerably more skill than 265 to use (that is, to learn the recipe). As the quests consist of: Pay X Thorium Bars, get a recipe, he is much like a vendor.


The (former) Weaponsmithing subspecialization quests
275  [Plans: Dawn's Edge] N Blacksmithing [50D] Snakestone of the Shadow Huntress
280  [Plans: Blazing Rapier] N Blacksmithing [60D] Corruption
280  [Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer] N Blacksmithing [60D] Sweet Serenity


Artisan skill: 300

300 was the skill cap prior to Burning Crusade. A lot of items require 300 skill to learn/craft. And a lot of those required adventuring rather than simply asking a vendor...

Auction House


300  [Plans: Black Grasp of the Destroyer] Moam, in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
300  [Plans: Thick Obsidian Breastplate] The Prophet Skeram, in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
300  [Plans: Annihilator] Quartermaster Zigris, in Blackrock Spire.
300  [Plans: Arcanite Champion] Goraluk Anvilcrack, in Upper Blackrock Spire
300  [Plans: Masterwork Stormhammer] also from Goraluk
300  [Plans: Arcanite Reaper] Bannok Grimaxe, in Lower Blackrock Spire
300  [Plans: Frostguard] Foreman Marcrid, in Western Plaguelands (~100%)
300  [Plans: Hammer of the Titans] Maleki the Pallid, in Stratholme (~7%)
300  [Plans: Heartseeker] Cannon Master Willey, in Stratholme (~5%?)
300  [Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone] Molten Core bosses (BoP)


The Naxxramas blacksmithing quests
The Advanced Armorsmithing quests of Dire Maul
You have to acquire the books on Advanced Armorsmithing by combining 2 halves dropped from various bosses. (The parts are BoE, so can occasionally be found on the auction house.)

Master skill: 301-375

Auction House



All the plans here are BoP, and can only be rolled on by blacksmiths
Hunting in Northrend (all BoP)
These plans are largely BoE, though the items they create may or may not be.
From random mobs in The Eye and Serpentshrine Cavern:
From random mobs in Black Temple
From random mobs in Black Temple and in Mount Hyjal
From random mobs in Sunwell Plateau

Grand Master skill: 376-450


Recipes items from the Trial of the Crusader raid
Recipe items from Ulduar raids (hard modes)

Recipes requiring Weaponsmithing specialization

Weaponsmithing trainer
Axesmith specialties
Hammersmith specialties
Swordsmith specialties

Recipes requiring Armorsmithing specialization

Armorsmithing trainer

Faction reward recipes

Faction Reputation Item Cost Skill Type Slot Bind
Aldor Friendly  [Flamebane Bracers] 6g 350 Plate Wrist BOE
Honored  [Flamebane Gloves] 6g 365 Plate Hands BOE
Revered  [Flamebane Breastplate] 8g 360 Plate Chest BOE
Exalted  [Flamebane Helm] 6g 355 Plate Head BOE
Argent Dawn Honored  [Girdle of the Dawn] 2g 20s 290 Plate Waist BOE
Revered  [Gloves of the Dawn] 4g 300 Plate Hands BOE
Ashen Verdict Honored  [Boots of Kingly Upheaval] 1 Primordial Saronite 450 Plate Feet BOE
Honored  [Hellfrozen Bonegrinders] 1 Primordial Saronite 450 Plate Feet BOE
Honored  [Protectors of Life] 1 Primordial Saronite 450 Plate Feet BOE
Revered  [Legplates of Painful Death] 1 Primordial Saronite 450 Plate Legs BOE
Revered  [Puresteel Legplates] 1 Primordial Saronite 450 Plate Legs BOE
Revered  [Pillars of Might] 1 Primordial Saronite 450 Plate Legs BOE
Ashtongue Deathsworn Friendly  [Shadesteel Bracers] 8g 375 Plate Wrist BOE
Friendly  [Shadesteel Girdle] 8g 375 Plate Waist BOE
Honored  [Shadesteel Greaves] 8g 375 Plate Legs BOE
Honored  [Shadesteel Sabots] 8g 375 Plate Feet BOE
Cenarion Circle Friendly  [Heavy Obsidian Belt] 5g 300 Plate Waist BOE
Friendly  [Ironvine Belt] 5g 300 Plate Waist BOE
Honored  [Ironvine Gloves] 5g 300 Plate Hands BOE
Honored  [Light Obsidian Belt] 5g 300 Mail Waist BOE
Revered  [Ironvine Breastplate] 5g 300 Plate Chest BOE
Revered  [Jagged Obsidian Shield] 5g 300 Shield Offhand BOE†
Exalted  [Obsidian Mail Tunic] 8g 300 Mail Chest BOE†
Cenarion Expedition Honored  [Adamantite Sharpening Stone] 6g 350 Consumable
Honored  [Adamantite Weightstone] 6g 350 Consumable
Honored  [Greater Rune of Warding] 6g 350 Consumable
Revered  [Wildguard Helm] 24g 375 Plate Head BOE
Revered  [Wildguard Leggings] 24g 375 Plate Legs BOE
Exalted  [Wildguard Breastplate] 34g 375 Plate Chest BOE
AllianceHonor Hold


Exalted  [Felsteel Shield Spike] 6g 360 Enchantment
AllianceValiance Expedition

HordeHorde Expedition

Exalted  [Titanium Plating] 12g 75s 450 Enchantment
Scryers Friendly  [Enchanted Adamantite Belt] 6g 355 Plate Waist BOE
Honored  [Enchanted Adamantite Boots] 6g 355 Plate Feet BOE
Revered  [Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate] 6g 360 Plate Chest BOE
Exalted  [Enchanted Adamantite Leggings] 8g 365 Plate Legs BOE
Thorium Brotherhood Friendly  [Dark Iron Bracers] 7g 295 Plate Wrist BOE
Honored  [Dark Iron Reaver] 21g 300 Sword Main Hand BOE
Honored  [Dark Iron Destroyer] 21g 300 Axe Main Hand BOE
Honored  [Fiery Chain Girdle] 9g 295 Mail Waist BOE
Honored  [Dark Iron Helm] 6g 300 Plate Head BOE
Revered  [Sulfuron Hammer] Quest 300 Mace 2 Hand BOE
Revered  [Dark Iron Leggings] 18g 300 Plate Legs BOE
Revered  [Fiery Chain Shoulders] 20g 300 Mail Shoulder BOE
Revered  [Dark Iron Gauntlets] 8g 300 Plate Hands BOE
Revered  [Black Amnesty] 7g 300 Dagger 1 Hand BOE
Revered  [Blackfury] 7g 300 Polearm 2 Hand BOE
Exalted  [Dark Iron Boots] 8g 300 Plate Feet BOE
Exalted  [Ebon Hand] 12g 300 Mace 1 Hand BOE
Exalted  [Blackguard] 12g 300 Sword 1 Hand BOE
Exalted  [Nightfall] 12g 300 Axe 2 Hand BOE
Timbermaw Hold Honored  [Heavy Timbermaw Belt] 1g 80s 290 Mail Waist BOE
Revered  [Heavy Timbermaw Boots] 3g 60s 300 Mail Feet BOE
Violet Eye Honored  [Iceguard Breastplate] 24g 375 Plate Chest BOE
Honored  [Iceguard Helm] 24g 375 Plate Head BOE
Revered  [Iceguard Leggings] 24g 375 Plate Legs BOE

† The plans for  [Jagged Obsidian Shield] and  [Obsidian Mail Tunic] are not sold at the Cenarion quartermaster, but by Lieutenant General Andorov.