Guide to the Side Effects of Reanimation

The Guide to the Side Effects of Reanimation is an amusing guide book for death knights to adjust to the changes to their lives since their resurrection in Scourge service. The guide can be found in the Heart of Acherus and Death's Breach in the Scarlet Enclave.


Guide to the Side Effects of Reanimation

Welcome to the Scourge. Now that you have entered your true service, you may find immense relief in your liberation from various mortal inconveniences. No bothersome sleeping to take up your time anymore, nor any great need for shelter from the elements, and you are even free from the mild irritation of cutting hair and nails! How delightful!

However, there are a few, almost insignificant, details to being undead:
Keep an eye on your rotting. Some is all very well to scare your foes, but an arm falling off mid-stab is just embarrassing.
Learn to love your stench. Some say foul, we say rawrr.
Avoid living animals, especially dogs.
Heed your unintelligibility. Should you misplace your lower jaw, you may be reassigned to a position where gurgling is not amiss, and few of those hold any prestige.
Alcohol is simply not the same. My apologies.
A bloodbath a day keeps the living away (although adding bubbles is frowned upon).
Avoid pastels. They simply do not work with our coloring.
Those pants will no longer make you look fat.

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