The Guild Page is similar to the  [Guild Herald], which has a 4-hour cooldown. A player who uses this summons a non-combat pet/vendor that allows him to purchase Guild Rewards and sell loot. Lasts 5 minutes, has an 8-hour cooldown. Unlike the Guild Herald, which is usable by other members of your guild, the Guild Page can only be used by the player who purchased it originally.

It is bound to your character, not to your account. In other words, you will have to get Honored reputation on your guild and purchase it on every one of your characters.

It is often used with  [Argent Squire] to vendor items during dungeon and raid ruins.


Purchasable from the guild vendors in major cities for 300g. Note that this item requires Honored Guild Reputation to purchase. It becomes purchasable once your guild has completed Alliance  Horde Slayer / Horde  Alliance Slayer.


Given the cooldown, if you have a pet-summoning addon (like MiniPet), you should add this pet to those that are never automatically summoned. (With MiniPet, go to the Favorites tab and set the pet's weight to zero.)

Pet Journal

Alliance Guild pages must be fearless since they are called upon to announce their guild's victories over the Horde in battle.

Horde When a guild earns enough glory by defeating Alliance champions, some orcs will come to share the glory by serving the guild.



How may I serve?

Buy I want to browse your goods.

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