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A guild group is a party or raid containing enough members of the same guild to qualify for guild reputation gains, guild achievements, and guild challenge completion. The amount of guild members needed to count as a guild group varies by group size and content type, but it is always at least a majority for non-legacy content:

Instance Type Guild members required to receive guild benefits
25 player raid 20 guild members 80%
10 player raid 8 guild members 80%
Flexible Raid Varies 80%
5 player dungeon 3 guild members 60%
Scenario 3 guild members 100%
10 player rated battleground 8 guild members 80%
Arena match (any size) Entire team 100%
Pre-Wrath 25/40 player raids 10 guild members Varies

Qualification as a guild group can be identified by an icon of the guild's logo appearing in the upper left corner of the minimap area while inside an instance.

The official guild group status applies only inside instances, but there are several guild achievements for outdoor world bosses as well. These achievements do not use the term "guild group" and simply ask that 8 of the raid's members be in the guild; a raid that has met this threshold might informally be thought of as a guild group as well.

Guild groups formerly qualified players to earn guild experience as part of the guild advancement system, but that system was subsequently removed from the game. In the case of dungeons, having 3/5, 4/5, or 5/5 guild members in the party awarded 50%, 100%, or 125% of normal guild experience, but now that guild experience is gone, any dungeon group past 3/5 qualifies for full guild group status.