Guild reputation is gained through the following means:

Certain levels of guild reputation are required to purchase and use some guild rewards.

Reputation with the guild since 4.3

As of Patch 4.3, reputation bonuses no longer affect the weekly cap of 4375, and just help you reach the cap faster.

GM response to a ticket, explaining the situation:

 Blizzard Entertainment GM response

In order to not give an unfair advantage over players that do not, or cannot purchase the Guild Tabard, the increase of the weekly cap has been removed as for patch 4.3, some months ago.

Now the tabard will give you 50% or 100% more reputation, but will not affect the weekly cap anymore. The functionality has been changed and affects all the rep modifiers and perks. This means that you will reach the cap quicker, but the cap will be the same.

It is meant to be a way from Casual players to be able still to cap the Guild Reputation, while playing only few days per week and doing just dailies or Random Dungeons.

Losing Guild Reputation

If you are kicked from or leave a guild, you do not lose your reputation with that guild immediately. You will lose it if you:

  1. Allow 30 days to elapse after becoming unguilded [1]
  2. Join a different guild
  3. Transfer the character to a different account or realm (which de-guilds you)

Note that upon joining a different guild, your Guild reputation is knocked down a level - if you had reached Exalted with your previous Guild, you will drop to Revered with your new Guild.

Guild titles

When meeting certain reputation levels, your guild tag will change. Please note that your tag can only be seen by yourself (by turning the 'My Name' option on in the Name display options) and your guildmates.

Reputation Title
Friendly <Recruit of [Guild]>
Honored <Guardian of [Guild]>
Revered <Veteran of [Guild]>
Exalted <Champion of [Guild]>


Earning exalted status with your guild also awards the achievement  [Time Flies When You're Having Fun].

Patch changes

  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): The cap on weekly reputation gains has been removed. Furthermore, guild experience gains from quests have been increased from 25% of quest experience (17350 guild experience for most level 85 quests) to a flat 60000 experience for every green or better quest and nothing for gray quests. Since guild reputation from quests is based on their guild experience yield (1 reputation per 360 experience before reputation bonuses), this dramatically increased guild experience from quests, from ~48 at level 85 (and significantly less at lower levels) to 166-167 (before reputation bonuses) at all levels. Guild reputation doesn't automatically reset to Neutral on joining a new guild, now only drops to next level down, Exalted->Revered, Revered->Honored, Honored->Friendly, Friendly->Neutral.