For the battle pet, see  [Gurgl].
Image of Gurgl
Race Murloc (Critter)
Level 10-45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Eye of Azshara
Status Alive

Gurgl is a baby murloc located in the Eye of Azshara. Being transported by Zantini, Gurgl was captured by the Violetsails and delivered to Trainer Iris Greedsway. Zantini launched a rescue operation for the stolen pets, and the adventurer fight Iris in a pet battle with Missing1, Hornswoggle, and Gurgl. After being victorious, the adventurer took the murloc back to Dalaran. Overjoyed, Gurgl followed them to Breanni, who agreed for the adventurer to keep the murloc.

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Captured In Iris' team In Dalaran