Image of Gymer
Title <King of Storm Giants>
Gender Male
Race Storm giant (Giant)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation King
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Thiassi (Brother)
Vehicle This giant can be mounted.

Gymer is the ruler of Northrend's storm giants.

He was lured into a trap by his now undead brother, Thiassi the Lightning Bringer, and is a prisoner of the Scourge.[1]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Thrym's End 77 5,298
Zul'drak (Vehicle) 77 378,000



  • Spell nature earthquake.png  Gymer's Smash (30 energy) 10 yd range — Gymer smashes his fist into the ground, causing 5363 to 7637 damage to all enemies in a 12 yard radius. 
  • Ability warrior rampage.png  Gymer's Roar (50 energy) — Gymer lets lose a deafening roar, knocking back all enemies in front of him.  (5 sec cooldown)
  • Ability warrior bloodfrenzy.png  Gymer's Grab 30 yd range — Gymer will grab a Vargul that he can then use as a living weapon! Also used to grab Storm Clouds so that Gymer can replenish his health and energy.  (10 sec cooldown)
  • Ability hunter beastsoothe.png  Gymer's Throw (Unlimited range) — Throws the Vargul that Gymer is holding in his hand. Will explode on impact! 
  • Inv boots plate 03.png  Ghoul Crush 8 yd range — Crushes all reanimated corpes and ghouls in front of Gymer. Gymer CRUSH!  (5 sec cooldown)



Randomly spoken quotes when caged:

  • Wretched beasts!
  • I will devour you whole!
  • Ugly little monsters, pray I don't get out!
  • Your torture only adds to my rage!
  • My brothers will come for me and then you will see what true power is!
  • How long do you think this cage can hold me, fiends?!
  • I will crush you all!

Gossip text after completing N [20-30] Our Only Hope:

Listen to what I have to tell you about our enemy before we start. You don't want to be unprepared while we're out smashing Scourge in the field.
The Ymirjar battle lord, Algar the Chosen, rouses his Vargul armies at the Reliquary of Pain, northeast of this cage.
Prince Navarius is across the Dead Fields, east of here, near the great steps leading up to the second level of Zul'Drak.
Thrym's location is currently unknown, which is curious considering his size.
All must be dealt with!
Gossip I have a few more questions, Gymer.
  • Gossip Gymer, what do I need to know? I've never ridden on a giant.
When you are ready I will place you atop my head and we will march into the heart of the Scourge in Zul'Drak. You must direct me to smash and destroy our enemies!
Gossip I have a few more questions, Gymer.

While being ridden:

  • Taste Gymer's size 600!
  • Tiny creatures, I trample you!
  • I will crush you under foot!
  • I'll wipe you off my boots later!




  • When he yells "Taste Gymer's size 600!", he is referring to his shoe size. It seems like storm giants have REALLY big shoes.
  • His name comes from "Ymer" a jotun in norse mythology.

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