A large gyreworm

Gyreworm concept art

Gyreworms are earth elementals in the shape of a tunneling worm and are native to Deepholm. They have also appeared in Kezan literally eating away at the Kajaro Trading Company's profits, Kaja'mite.[1] Their purpose appears to simply be eating away rock and minerals. Earth elementals serving under Therazane the Stonemother consider these worms as vermin.[2] The earth elementals also fear them and consider them dangerous.[3]





Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

A kyparite worm.

A new creature know as Kyparite worms appear in the Dread Wastes of Pandaria using the gyreworm model. It's unknown if these creatures are one and the same with just another name or if they are just mutations made of amber known as  [Kyparite].[4]


As a hunter pet

Main article: Shale beast

Gyreworms are tamable by hunters as part of the shale beast family.

Patch changes

Notes and trivia

  • There are also Azerite gyreworms, such as the Azerite Borer.
  • Gyreworms were originally classified as beasts but were changed to elementals in patch 4.0.6 (with the exception of Tunneling Worms, which remained classed as beasts until they were changed to elementals at an unknown later date). In patch 9.0.1, all gyreworms were changed back to beasts to allow them to be tamed by hunters.


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