HOWTOs are detailed documents describing "how to" accomplish something specific. Most of them will assume a basic understanding of the WoW scripting language and framework. For more information on the framework please refer to Project:Interface customization, AddOns, and World of Warcraft API.

This list may be incomplete; all HOWTOs are listed on Category:HOWTOs.

Getting Started

Introduction to Lua 
Learn the basics of Lua.
Create a WoW AddOn in 15 Minutes 
Creating a Hello World addon.
Ace3 for Dummies 
Create an addon with the Ace3 framework.
Viewing Blizzard's interface code 
The default UI is shipped as if it were a collection of dozens of addons, and this is how you see the source.
Using the BigWigs Packager with GitHub Actions 
Automate your addon development workflow.

General Lua tutorials

Common Lua shortcuts 
Commonly occurring uses of Lua logic evaluation short-cuts, method syntax and the global environment.
Hooking functions 
Functions are first-class values in Lua, which allows you to override or extend the behavior of already declared functions.
Pattern matching 
An overview of the regular expression features of Lua.

General Addon tutorials

Getting the current interface number 
For use in .toc files.
Handling events 
Creating, and managing event handler code.
Saving variables between game sessions 
Description and examples of saving variables to disk.
Creating defaults 
Creating default values in your addon's saved variables.
Creating key bindings 
Creating user-configurable bindings, using the Bindings.xml, Lua, or RestrictedEnvironment APIs.
Localizing an addon 
General techniques enabling localization.
Using the AddOn namespace 
Sharing data privately between multiple Lua files in the same AddOn.

Using FrameXML

Creating a slash command 
Creating and using slash command handlers.
Creating standard left-sliding frames 
using the UIPanelLayout attributes to manage your frame's position.
Make frames closable with the Escape key 
using UISpecialFrames to enable this behavior.
Creating simple pop-up dialog boxes
Using StaticPopup to display simple prompts.
Using the ColorPickerFrame 
Invoking the default color picker.
Using UIDropDownMenu 
Drop down boxes and menus using the FrameXML API.
Using the Interface Options Addons panel 
Describes how to create an option panel that works with the default UI's Interface Options frame.


Making draggable frames 
Describes several methods to allow the user to move a frame.
Making resizable frames 
Shows how to create a frame that can be resized using the mouse.

Advanced Topics

Mythic Plus Score Computation

See also