Hail, Commander!

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NeutralHail, Commander!
Start Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath
End Overlord Mor'ghor
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Shadowmoon Valley
Reputation Netherwing +500
Rewards  [Commander's Badge]

Hail, Commander! is a reward quest for reaching revered reputation with Netherwing.


Speak with Overlord Mor'ghor at Dragonmaw Base Camp in Shadowmoon Valley.


Captain <name>!

<Taskmaster Varkule salutes you.>

Overlord Mor'ghor has asked to see you in his chambers at once!


 [Commander's Badge]


Lord Illidan himself has asked that I promote you to the rank of commander! This is unprecedented. You will be the first Dragonmaw to reach such a rank outside of the Black Temple.

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