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Hakkar the Soulflayer (tactics)

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This article is about Hakkar's encounter in De Other Side. For his encounter in Zul'Gurub, see Hakkar (tactics). For his character biography, see Hakkar the Soulflayer.
BossHakkar the Soulflayer
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Gender Male
Race Loa (Beast)
Level Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location De Other Side
Status Killable
Other Side

Hakkar the Soulflayer
The Manastorms
Dealer Xy'exa



Hakkar the Soulflayer is the first boss of De Other Side.

Adventure Journal

Even the presence of Hakkar the Soulflayer has caused turmoil on Azeroth. Violence and plague mark his blood and his immeasurable power. His faithful fought for him till death, and beyond. Giving up power has never been his way, even when it is not his own.




Hakkar the Soulflayer yells: His power is mine! I will live again!
Corrupted Blood
Hakkar the Soulflayer yells: Face the wrath of the Soulflayer
Son of Hakkar
Hakkar the Soulflayer yells: Atal'ai! Rise in service of Hakkar!
Piercing Barb
Hakkar the Soulflayer yells: Die, mortal!
Blood Barrier
Hakkar the Soulflayer yells: Your blood sustains me!
Hakkar the Soulflayer yells: The power... was mine...

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