Half-breed[1][2][3] (or halfbreed[4] and cross-breeds[5]) is a term denoting rare mixed heritage. Half-breed does not denote percentage of one's heritage, but rather refers to one's mixed-heritage, see Half-.


Half-breeds are any species or individual biologically related to at least two separate species. The term half-breed was used by orcs and ogres to refer to Rexxar in the Third War.[6] Half-orcs, Half-ogres, half-elves, and half-draenei are the most known examples of half-breeds. Rexxar and Med'an are examples of half-breeds.

Half-breeds are occasionally treated as hybrid races, though the reverse may not always true.[citation needed] 

While some custom character models may be created for especially notable half-breeds, they are typically represented in World of Warcraft by existing models.

Half-races are so rare in the Warcraft universe that Blizzard don't really have any established lore about their potential longevities.[7]



Half-elf, half-human
Half-draenei, half-orc
Half-ogre, half-orc

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Half-breeds[9] are also known as crossbreeds.[10]


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