Half-giants are a hybrid creature from the distant past, historical interbreeding of giants and something else.[citation needed]  In World of Warcraft, the vrykul of Northrend are the only group to have been described as such.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] They thus may not necessarily be the result of interbreeding between giants and humanoids, but rather a midpoint in an evolution of giants into humanoids.


  • The "Story So Far" article for Wrath of the Lich King mentions that the half-giant vrykul are "descended from giants". However, Chronicle Volume 1 establishes that the vrykul were created by the titan-forged keepers, who are also occasionally referred to as giants,[8] through the Forge of Wills,[9] along with the earthen and others. So while they are not descended from giants in a literal sense, one could still say the vrykul trace their origins back to giants.
    • It is also likely that vrykul being described as half-giants represents early development material that was later left out of the final release, much like the reference to vrykul being "vampiric". Alternatively, "half-giant" may simply be referring to the vrykul's large stature.