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Type Town
Leader(s) Unknown
  Formerly  Thorvald
Race(s) ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
  Formerly VrykulVrykul Vrykul
Language(s) Gutterspeak, Vrykul (formerly)
Affiliation(s) Horde
  Formerly Dragonflayer clan
Organizations Royal Apothecary Society
Location Howling Fjord[50, 52]
Status Damaged during the Forsaken attack

Halgrind was a vrykul town found in Howling Fjord. Halgrind was exposed to the new plague being designed by the Royal Apothecary Society. When the Forsaken took control of the town, [1] the chieftain, Thorvald, fled. The remaining vrykul, while not dropping dead from exposure, found themselves trapped and slowly killed.



  • It may be a possible reference to "Helgrind" from the Eragon series of books by Christopher Paolini.
  • It could also be an amalgamation of the words "Hael", the Old-Norse word for Hell, and "Grind", the Swedish word for gate. As the vrykul are themselves a reference to vikings, it would seem very appropriate.

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