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Main chamber of the Hall of Arms.

The Hall of Arms is the command center of dwarven military power in the Kingdom of Ironforge and serves as the headquarters of the city's armed forces. It additionally houses trainers for warriors and hunters, as well as several important battlemasters. The Hall of Arms can be found in the Military Ward, Ironforge's southeastern district.

The Hall doubles as a major arsenal for the city and the kingdom. Supplies and, more importantly, vehicles can be seen stored in large quantities. Here, assembled flying machines are constantly launched from access ports in the roof and sent to the Ironforge Airfield just outside the city. Steam tanks are also assembled and maintained within the complex for use by Alliance forces in the field.


Entrance from the Military Ward




  • The opening in the roof for flying machines to exit is the only other known access route to the surface in Ironforge apart from the city gates. Neither the steam tank bay or the flying machine tunnel have a known exterior exit.
  • A large unique conveyor belt is used to retrieve aircraft from deeper in the facility and put them in place for departure.

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