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The Hall of Communion is a secret underground chamber accessible by a teleporter from the Makers' Overlook in Sholazar Basin. The titans built it to watch over the world-soul of Azeroth, and her heartbeat can be heard in the background. When she attempted to communicate with her Speaker, Magni Bronzebeard, about the impending arrival of Sargeras, Magni came here where he could hear her "clear as diamond."[1] The Chamber of Observance is at the end of it.

Incarnations of Azeroth's nightmares manifested in the Hall of Communion as minions of the Burning Legion and the Old Gods. The final nightmare was an amalgam of some of the most dire threats the planet faced. After Azeroth's dreams were sedated by the titanic watchers monitoring over the place, the situation went back to normal.[1]


Titan constructs


  • It is unknown where the Hall of Communion is located in lore, but using the teleporter in Sholazar to get there shows an Eastern Kingdoms loading screen, and when going out of the bounds of the map, the facility turns out to be located under an instanced version of Ahn'Qiraj. The map UI still shows it as a subzone of Sholazar Basin.
  • The Hall of Communion shares a lot of similarities with the Chamber of Heart, which apparently serves a similar purpose, and also hosts the Maiden of Vitality.
  • It uses the geography of the Terrestrial Watchtower and the Tribunal of Ages.
  • When Azeroth's nightmares manifest, giant tentacles can also be seen sprouting out of the machinery transmitting Azeroth's heartbeat. They are removed by the Defense Constructs after they cast a Dream Sedation Protocol.
  • The titanic constructs defending the area have Light-related abilities.


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