The Hall of Mysteries

The Hall of Mysteries is the center of arcane and divine practice and study within the dwarven Kingdom of Ironforge. The hall can be found within the Mystic Ward district of Ironforge city, and houses several mage, paladin, and priest class trainers. Many of Ironforge's most powerful and gifted individuals reside within the hall, which dominates its section of the city; some of these have also been known to offer quests.

Dwarven priests and paladins of the Church of the Light of the city are mainly present in the Hall, the highest ranking being High Priest Rohan and Valgar Highforge. They train apprentices before sending them to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City.[1][2] The promising young Knights of the Silver Hand were sent here to continue their training by studying the  [Tome of Divinity],[3] but also to be sent on missions against the enemies of the kingdom that were the Dark Iron dwarves.[4]


First floor
Second floor



  • The paladin area is referred to as a temple.[5]
  • The Hall of Mysteries hosts Ironforge's portal to Hellfire Peninsula on Outland in its main chamber.
  • The building housing the Hall of Mysteries is unique, and not seen replicated in any other dwarven or non-dwarven settlement.

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