This article is about the uninstanced subzone. For the dungeon, see Halls of Atonement (instance).

The Halls of Atonement at the top and center of the Ceremony Ward.

The Halls of Atonement is a cathedral and area located in eastern Revendreth. They were once a pinnacle of redemption for the most prideful of souls. However, due to recent events they've fallen into darkness and succumbed to forbidden magics.

The members of the Halls of Atonement perform rituals of inquisition, of absolution, and of Judgment. The Ritual of Absolution, also called the ritual of extraction,[1] requires a venthyr robe, dagger, and tome,[2] and is usually be performed at a reliquary[3] where four souls may be absolved at a time. The Ritual of Judgment requires four venthyr to pass judgment upon a soul, either recognizing its redemption, upon which the soul would either choose to become a venthyr or to be re-judged by the Arbiter, or the venthyr may condemn it to the Maw.[4] For a soul to become a venthyr, another venthyr must choose to sire them, which can present a weakness for the sire in question. Inquisitors are seen to oversee the Rituals, serving under the Harvesters of Pride.[5][6] The ritual of inquisition allows venthyr to see every sin by peering directly into a soul.[7]

After a Ritual of Absolution, souls are placed in Atonement Crypts[8] where they are sealed away for an extended period of time to contemplate on their lives after being unburdened of their pride. Cryptkeeper Kassir watches over the Atonement Crypts. The most stubborn souls are also forced to endure the Bell of Rebuke, one of the most punitive tools of the venthyr. When you ring the bell, you first rebuke yourself, but you also make yourself more vulnerable to rebuke from others. Each bell demands something from the soul who rings it.[9]

The Halls of Atonement also contain the Sinstone Archive,[6] the collection of every sinstone of every formerly-mortal venthyr that passes through the Halls and the rituals, however, sinstones of powerful venthyr tend to go "missing" and their owners hide them. They are overseen by Archivist Fane.[10][11] This is important as sinstones contain a venthyr's true name as well as their sins, which gives you power over them.[12][13] Archivam in the Catacombs Ward to the north, where the Harvester of Avarice normally resides, also contains the Sinstone Archives.[14] The Catacombs hold souls until they are less arrogant and they are sent to the Halls of Atonement.[15] Likewise the Forest Ward puts their souls on the Penitent Hunt until they are defenseless toward the process.[16]

Since the dawn of Revendreth, the small stoneborn Temel has been charged with proclaiming the sins of souls for all to hear.[17]

When the adventurer arrives in Revendreth, The Accuser is the Harvester of Pride.

The northeastern elevator that connects to the Trench of the Enders also contains a Venthyr Covenant Transportation Network mirror. The southern elevator connects with the Edge of Sin.





  • In the northwestern part of the Halls, in the lowest level, there is a switch to roll up a carpet and open a gate into a crypt where one finds Zul'jin. This room is only able to be accessed without a Covenant or class ability if the secret treasure in the room is up.
  • The Abused Souls usually turn into unnamed NPCs, but some do have a name. An example is Tod, an ogre, that can drop  [Tod's Sinstone] which reads, "Imagine the dumbest, yet oddly diabolic, and still utterly wrong deeds."
  • Caretaker Pancha[72.2, 49.6] sometimes summons a Broken Bell that can be repaired for 30 [Infused Ruby] for a 20-minute buff that depends on the soul she is caring for that day.
    • Yevkek the Slaver grants Atonement of the Abductor, increasing your Fugitive Soul ritual of absolution reputation gains, but increase the radius from which enemies detect you.
    • Ick the Illiterate grants Atonement of the Archivists, increasing your Sinstone Fragments loot rate, but decreasing your damage done.
    • Khongordzolo the Manipulator grants Atonement of the Disgraced, increasing reputation gains from venthyr in general (you cease to gain reputation from normal venthyr after Honored), but may cause you to be rebuked by enemy venthyr (stunned).
    • Gahiji the Tomb Raider grants Atonement of the Defiler, increasing your Atonement Crypt Keys loot rate, but increase the radius from which enemies detect you.
    • Werimu the Traitor-King grants Atonement of the Betrayer, increasing reputation gains from Inquisitors, but may cause you to be rebuked by enemy venthyr (stunned).


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