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Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution

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NeutralHalls of Atonement: Your Absolution
Start Archivist Fane
End Gresit
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Type Dungeon
Category Dungeon
Experience 53,650
Reputation +500 The Avowed
Rewards  [Lord Chamberlain's Cloak]
101g 8s 80c


Kill the Lord Chamberlain inside the Halls of Atonement.


The depravity outside of these halls is only a whisper of the true horrors being committed under the Lord Chamberlain's guidance inside the Halls of Atonement.

If you truly wish to curb this corruption, you must dethrone the imposter that you installed here.

Atone for your own mistake. Kill the Lord Chamberlain, so that we may begin to restore permanent order to this place.


You will receive:

Inv cape mail oribosdungeon c 01.png [Lord Chamberlain's Cloak]




A large step in our journey to reclaim the honor of these halls... but not the last.

I shall send word to the Accuser immediately.




  1. N [58] The Absolution of Souls / N [58] Our Forgotten Purpose
  2. N [58] An Abuse of Power
  3. N [57] The Proper Souls
  4. N [57] The Proper Tools
  5. N [57] The Proper Punishment
  6. N [57] Ritual of Absolution
  7. N [57] Ritual of Judgment
  8. N [58] Archivist Fane
  9. N [57] The Sinstone Archive
  10. N [57] Rebuilding Temel
  11. N [58] Atonement Crypt Key
  12. N [58] Hunting an Inquisitor
  13. N [58D] Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution
  14. N [57] Missing Stone Fiend
  15. N [57] Ready to Serve
  16. N [58] It Used to Be Quiet Here

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