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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Halmish is a wild gray-haired old man, who is bent over so that he is almost as tall as a dwarf. He moves with a quickness and fluidity that belies his ancient frame. He lives southeast of Silverpine Forest in Hillsbrad Foothills in a small cabin. He gives out warnings to those who try to enter into the Silverpine Forest. His descriptions of the forest are very accurate. He once warned Brann Bronzebeard about the dangers in the forest, but it only piqued Brann's interest.[1]

Halmish's warning

"Yeh don' wanna go into that place, master dwarf. Once, the Alliance protected Silverpine Forest and it was verdant and natural. Now, the place is a ghost. Forsaken haunt the trees and mists cloak the ground. Them wizards from Dalaran… they sometimes go inta the forest. 'Researching the undead plague,' they tells me. Fools! There be worse things than Forsaken in those woods. The forest is cursed. I don' mean it's plague-ridden or there's poison in the air or anythin'! I mean there's a curse. And it's got nothin' to do with the Scourge! A curse that changes yeh… men, and dwarves, they turn inta… beasts."[1]


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