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Halsand had an estate located several hours from Chillwind Camp. He lived here with his wife Myra, and their children, Jake, Rose, and Tulip. They have an ox.[1]


One day, a noble by the name of Maddox and a group of adventurers reached the estate, looking for a place to stay the night. During supper, the group found out Halsand's problems in maintaining the farm and Maddox proposed him to guide them to Andorhal in return of a great sum of gold, though later the noble would propose him three times much more if Halsand helped them move through the Scourge controlled Andorhal so they could liberate it from the undead. Halsand accepted and next day he guided them through some mountains paths in order to bypass the Syndicate camps along the way.

After the fatal battle, Halsand managed to return but due to accidentally drinking the infected water in the city's nearby river, when he reached the estate he was already an undead. He tried to warn his wife to kill him before the madness took him. In the last second, his son Jake stabbed Halsand from behind thinking he was a random monster. Upon realizing who he was, Jake regretted it, but his dying father praised him for protecting their family.[1]


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The exact location of Halsand's estate is not given but judging the fact the estate is surrounded by mountains, that Halsand mentions Syndicate camps on their way to Chillwind Camp, and that it only took several hours to get there, it is likely located in the Alterac Mountains or Hillsbrad Foothills.