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HordeHamuul Runetotem
Image of Hamuul Runetotem
Title Archdruid of the Tauren
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Class Druid
Resource Mana
Affiliation(s) Thunder Bluff, Guardians of Hyjal, Cenarion Circle
Former affiliation(s) New Council of Tirisfal
Occupation Archdruid of the tauren, Leader of the Horde druids, Champion of the Cenarion Circle, Advisor to Baine Bloodhoof
Former occupation(s) Druid Representative on the New Council of Tirisfal
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Elder Runetotem (ancestor), Shakuun (paternal grandfather),[1] Bashana (daughter),
Hearthstone Guff Runetotem (great-nephew)
Mentor(s) Malfurion Stormrage
Student(s) Lucan Foxblood

“Always temper your strength with wisdom.”

Hamuul Runetotem is the Archdruid of Thunder Bluff and a venerated leader of the tauren people. Taught by Malfurion Stormrage himself, he is the highest-ranked tauren in the Cenarion Circle. As many of his people do, Hamuul believes very much in the balance between nature and the races of Azeroth. Hamuul was a childhood friend and fierce supporter of High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof, and teaches the ways of druidism to his honored brethren.[2] After Cairne was murdered by Magatha Grimtotem, Hamuul continued his role as advisor to Cairne's son Baine, the new High Chieftain, as well as teaching young druids.

As one of Azeroth's most venerable druids, Hamuul has aided in the defense of the world on numerous occasions. He battled the forces of Ragnaros the Firelord during the war against Deathwing, and helped lead the Cenarion Circle to war against Xavius, the Emerald Nightmare, and the Burning Legion.



During the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Hamuul was stirred by the dedication of the druids and was inspired by them.[3] After the Third War, Hamuul sought out the night elf Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, befriending him and asking to be taught the druidic arts. Malfurion agreed, to strenuous and xenophobic objections of former student Archdruid Fandral Staghelm. Hamuul joined the Cenarion Circle, and his new shan'do taught Hamuul many secrets of the wild and blessed him with the touch of nature, thus soon mastering the druidic arts with such proficiency that he rightfully earned the title archdruid for himself.[4] In the few years since that time, Hamuul has become an honored member of the (predominantly night elf) Cenarion Circle, and is recognized as the first tauren druid in nearly twenty generations.[5] Hamuul has a daughter, Bashana, who is a Cenarion Circle member like her father.

Forsaken and the Horde[]

Sylvanas Windrunner sent emissaries to various factions in search of allies. The kind-hearted tauren of Thunder Bluff proved to be the most promising contact. Specifically, Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem, striving for diplomacy, saw the potential for redemption in Sylvanas’ people, even though he was fully aware of the Forsaken's sinister nature. Thus, the tauren convinced Warchief Thrall, despite his misgivings, to forge an alliance of convenience between the Forsaken and the Horde.[6]

World of Warcraft[]

Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem

Hamuul Runetotem in Thunder Bluff.

WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Hamuul resides in the Elder Rise of Thunder Bluff. From there he mentors young druids. He used to send tauren adventurers to the Barrens as the tauren druids felt some lurking power in the Barrens. Further investigation revealed that the source of the power came from the Wailing Caverns. Hamuul entered to sleep and dreamt about a cult of druids in the cavern.

He was also interested in the studies of Inv misc dust 02 [Un'Goro Soil] and Inv misc herb 05 [Morrowgrain].

World of Warcraft: The Comic[]


Hamuul Runetotem in The Comic.

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Hamuul appears briefly in the World of Warcraft comic, when Varian and Broll are taken to Thunder Bluff. Following their victory over a rampaging earth elemental in the Pools of Vision, Hamuul invites them to his tent where he recounts the legend of Lo'Gosh. He then grants them the gift of a hippogryph feather. Although Varian is confused about the usefulness of the gift, Broll understands what the archdruid had really given them. They use it to summon a hippogryph to them and flee their slavery.[7]

Much later, Hamuul becomes a part of the new Council of Tirisfal as a representative of the druids.[8] He aids them in their fight against Cho'gall, being one of the many to give Med'an some of his power. Although a difficult fight, they are eventually able to claim victory.[9]


WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

In the time since his first meeting with Broll, the two have become close friends. In fact, Broll considers the tauren his closest friend barring Varian and Valeera. Hamuul is frequently Broll's confidante, especially in matters where the latter is troubled by disturbing visions and dreams. When Fandral Staghelm summoned the archdruids and Broll to Teldrassil, Hamuul was surprisingly among them. He met Broll after he landed, and the two went together to the decided meeting spot. There, Fandral instructed the gathered that they would be aiding in the healing of the World Tree, along with continuing to find a way to wake Malfurion. Broll, however, started to continually lose focus and lapse into vivid hallucinations. Hamuul covered him, pretending to speak with him in such episodes. He later suggested to Broll that the visions may have some meaning, as reluctant as his friend is to accept it.

Then Broll suddenly decided to leave the congregation, pursuing an alternative means to save their teacher. Understanding that what his friend may be planning could have a greater effect than Fandral's own plans, the archdruid covered for his disappearance. However, Fandral was quick to discover the other's actions, and even finds that he had stolen the Idol of Remulos. Fandral gave Hamuul a disapproving look, believing the tauren had aided Broll in this but does not say more. Nonetheless, it was enough for the other druids to shun the archdruid, save Naralex and a handful of others. In order to not cause trouble for his friends, Hamuul avoided conversation with them anyway.

Following a break between attempts to heal Teldrassil, Hamuul decided to lay a hand on the tree itself. Shockingly, he was able to hear whispers from the tree, and not like the usual way druids listen to nature speak. He then realized the World Tree was going mad, and attempts to tell the rest of the Circle of this. Fandral, however, dismissed his claims, stating that it was only the old tauren's weariness as they all had been expending so much energy to heal the tree. Fandral then apologized to him for silently condemning him for Broll's actions, and instructed Hamuul to rest earlier than the others. The tauren, however, was unconvinced his tired mind was playing tricks on him.

Eventually, he and Naralex discovered Fandral's duplicity, having been driven mad by the Emerald Nightmare and Teldrassil itself. Shandris Feathermoon, Naralex, and he were silenced before they could act against him, as Fandral easily overpowered them. Fortunately, Malfurion arrived thanks to Hamuul's warnings echoes not soon after, freeing the three as he fights Fandral. Though they were freed, Naralex was unconscious and Hamuul tried to heal him, but he needed to do more. Hamuul, Broll, Malfurion, and Shandris were then able to warn the other druids, who although not entirely believing them, are of reasonable enough mind to discover the truth themselves. Hamuul is, obviously, one of the first to immediately side with Malfurion, and later plays an important part in their final conflict against the Emerald Nightmare. While many of the others take their fight into the Dream, Hamuul stays awake to defend their bodies against the apparitions that appear in the waking world. After these events, Hamuul takes up the human Lucan Foxblood as his student to further assist him in utilizing his unique abilities.

Following their hard-fought victory, Hamuul is among the many to bear witness to the marriage of Malfurion and Tyrande.

Elemental Unrest[]

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

During the Elemental Unrest, Hamuul held guard and warned adventurers about the approaching danger.

The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Hamuul was present with Cairne in Orgrimmar during a ceremony of welcoming Garrosh's return from Northrend, where it was decided that Hamuul will have a meeting with Cenarion Circle's members of supplies for the Horde. After Thrall left for Outland, Cairne met with Hamuul at Red Rocks and discussed how Garrosh let Orgrimmar rebuilt. Chieftain did not like the old-ways Horde and now, Orgrimmar looked like as if it was their bastion. Hamuul explained Cairne that he was sending messages to the Circle. After all, it was set that the meeting is going to happen in Ashenvale as Remulos was not involved and did not bless the meeting.

Later on, Hamuul and a group of Tauren druids set up a peace summit with Archdruid Elerethe Renferal and a group of Night Elf druids, in the hopes of reducing the rising tensions between the Horde and the Alliance, following the murder and skinning of a group of Sentinels in Ashenvale. A group of Twilight's Hammer orcs disguised as members of the Horde interrupted the druid summit and killed all the Night Elves. When Gorkrak identified himself as the leader of the orc band, Hamuul questioned if Garrosh Hellscream had sent him to interrupt the summit. Gorkrak feigned ignorance of who Garrosh was and then signaled another orc behind Hamuul to shoot an arrow into his back. Satisfied that suspicion of the murders were being pinned on Garrosh after murdering the rest of the tauren druids, he ordered Hamuul to be buried with the corpses of the other dead druids and was left for dead. He crawled out the grave as the sole survivor of the summit and called out for an owl to inform Cairne Bloodhoof of what had transpired.

Hamuul was eventually retrieved and ended up at Camp Taurajo to recover. It was here that he learned of the murder of his childhood friend and High Chieftain. Hamuul immediately set to work on advising Cairne's son and heir, Baine, as he had with his father. Hamuul's knowledge, wisdom, and druid contacts set in motion the retaking of Thunder Bluff from the traitorous Grimtotem tribe, restoring Cairne's son as the rightful leader of their people.

Hamuul would later bid farewell to his friend, by Cairne's funeral pyre at the Red Rocks and accompanied Baine to a meeting with Garrosh Hellscream.[10]

As Our Fathers Before Us[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Garrosh had arrived in Thunder Bluff at the request of Baine Bloodhoof. Hamuul had opened the negotiations for water supplies to be transported to Orgrimmar and things between the young orc and tauren weren't going very well. After much arguing, Baine had decided to give Garrosh the water he needed. As shipments of water were being sent out, Quilboar continuously attacked the caravans, killing everyone and stealing their possessions. Baine, worrying what to make of these attacks, sought out Hamuul to see if he had discovered anything. To his disappointment, the Archdruid had not discovered anything.

After much research, Hamuul had finally discovered the reason for the sudden attacks was due to water becoming scarce and the quilboar desperately trying to obtain it. The two then went to tell Garrosh of their discovery, with Garrosh stating if more attacks come about, he would take matters into his own hands.

When another huge attack had passed, Baine had doubts about his leadership and the tauren's place in the "new Horde" that Garrosh rules. Hamuul reassured the younger tauren, saying he is a great leader whether he believed it or not.

Garrosh, fed up with the tauren's peaceful approach to the looming threat of the quilboar decided he, along with fifteen Kor'kron would end the threat once and for all. They invaded the pigmen's home, where they would have met their ends, save for Baine, Hamuul, and a group of Sunwalkers coming to their aid after Baine had realized what Garrosh would likely do. After escaping the tunnels, the tauren, along with Garrosh and the quilboar who followed the invaders to the surface, all came to a halt. Hamuul took a step forward, and with a few words slammed his staff into the ground, causing water to pour from the gash in the earth. The water had swept many of the quilboar back down their tunnel, with the rest being knocked to the ground. Baine told those remaining that this new water source was a gift from the tauren for the quilboars' use, and to bother them no longer. With that, Baine sent Garrosh off and he and the other tauren returned home, the quilboar no longer a threat.[11]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

During Children's Week, Hamuul can be seen alongside Baine and Kador Cloudsong honoring Cairne near the Red Rocks.

In Cataclysm, Hamuul Runetotem, along with Malfurion Stormrage, assisted Ysera in protecting the recovering world tree Nordrassil from the resurgent Ragnaros.[12]

Hamuul assists in the freeing of Tortolla and succeeds in bringing the powerful ancient onto the side of the Guardians of Hyjal. He and Malfurion join with Cenarius in Sulfuron Spire, and together push back Ragnaros into the Firelands. With the immediate threat dealt with, though Ragnaros still at large, Hamuul suggests that they confer with the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance to best plan their next move. He appears to be wearing the druid Tier 6 armor.

Hamuul is attacked by a powerful Druid of the Flame, Leyara, after her induction into their corrupted order by Fandral Staghelm. Leyara is elated with having supposedly killed the powerful Archdruid of Thunder Bluff, and leaves. Hamuul's body is later found by the Cenarion Circle, who quickly transports the Arch-druid - clinging onto life - to the Sanctuary of Malorne.[13][14] Subsequently the player has a chance to be offered a daily quest from Dorda'en Nightweaver at the Sanctuary of Malorne related to the ongoing treatment of Hamuul's injuries.[15][16][17] Over time, Hamuul begins to recover his strength.

Later, Leyara reappears and begins to chide Malfurion for his own weakness, noting that she will destroy him just as she did Hamuul. However, Malfurion only mentions that Hamuul is not dead at all, and a revitalized Hamuul himself disposes of her - wishing her to finally find peace in death. The two friends then retreat.[18]

During the battle into the Firelands, Hamuul, along with Malfurion and Cenarius, assisted heroes in doing battle with Ragnaros in his most powerful form, finally ending the Firelord's power.

Tides of War[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Hamuul was present during the meeting of the Horde leaders when Garrosh revealed his plan to attack Theramore, when Baine and Garrosh confronted one another about the plan Hamuul stepped forward to aid Baine as Malkorok did for Garrosh until both were ordered to stand down. Following the Razing of Northwatch, Hamuul joined his High Chieftain and other members of the Horde in a secret meeting in order to discuss Hellscream's actions (the use of molten giants to destroy Northwatch and giving the Alliance more than enough to send aid Theramore). However, thanks to treachery from within the group was discovered and Baine pointed out that the meeting only occurred because Garrosh would not see them. After Hellscream retorted that he did not answer them, a disgruntled Hamuul pointed out that Thrall would have seen them only for Garrosh to point at his brown skin and ask if he looked like Thrall. In response, Hamuul retorted that no one would mistake Garrosh for Thrall, an insult that went over Garrosh's head (who was mollified) and caused Malkorok to narrow his eye at the tauren.

Following the seemingly failed attack on Theramore, Hamuul would then bear witness to Hellscream unleashing the Focusing Iris empowered mana bomb on the city.[19]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Bashana and Hamuul in the Emerald Dreamway

Bashana and Hamuul in the Emerald Dreamway.

The Cenarion Circle planned to move the bulk of its forces to the Dreamgrove in Val'sharah, the ancient forest where Cenarius taught Malfurion, in order to combat the return of the Burning Legion. Hamuul, Malfurion, Naralex, Zen'tabra, Remulos, and a druid hero opened a portal to the Emerald Dream at the Stormrage Barrow Dens, allowing their forces to move swiftly over vast distances.

Hamuul later led a small party consisting of himself, Skylord Omnuron, Zen'tabra, and Celestine of the Harvest to Mount Hyjal to investigate reports of a demonic presence in the area. Overwhelmed, they were soundly defeated and the Well of Eternity was almost completely destroyed. The arrival of the druid hero and Lyessa Bloomwatcher, who had come to cleanse Inv staff 2h artifactnordrassil d 01 [G'Hanir, the Mother Tree] was their salvation, and the three druids were healed just in time to battle Destromath. Destromath was defeated when the newly cleansed G'Hanir was used to summon many wisps to defeat him, and afterwards Hamuul stayed behind to ensure that Omnuron and his forces could reestablish themselves on the mountain.[20]

Hamuul and his daughter Bashana later help to cleanse the Emerald Dreamway when it comes under attack by the Emerald Nightmare.[21] He was then part of the druids that communed with Malorne beneath Nordrassil.[22] Hamuul was also among the druids that entered Malorne's Nightmare. Afterward, Hamuul pledged himself to the Archdruid of the Dreamgrove.[23]

Hamuuul attended a dinner with the Horde leaders after the defeat of the Burning Legion.[24]

Before the Storm[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Some time after the Argus Campaign, Hamuul had a bad dream about Azeroth. Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, her escort, Baine Bloodhoof, and Master Gadrin gathered in Spirit Rise to discuss the tragic event, the loss of druids in Silithus, and even suggesting to build a new Cenarion Hold. After Sylvanas said that she would discuss what the Bilgewater goblins could find in Silithus with the rest of the Horde, Hamuul asked her if she would share it with the Alliance as well. Sylvanas was sure that King Anduin wouldn't share theirs with the Horde so she didn't see why she would do that. Hamuul responded that Azeroth belongs to all, to which Sylvans said that one day "all" will hopefully mean only the Horde, but in the meantime, she would choose the Horde over the Alliance that destroyed Taurajo. The archdruid wanted to oppose her again, but she cut him off stating that she would not take it well. She is the Warchief and she decides. Hamuul receded, his ears close to his skull. Although he previously opted to have the Forsaken in the Horde, Sylvanas now considered him a thorn in her side.[25]

He later attended a feast for the Highmountain tauren in Thunder Bluff.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem Silithus

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem in Silithus.

Hamuul was part of the dual Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring forces aiding Magni Bronzebeard to heal Silithus from the wound inflicted by Sargeras.[26]

While Sylvanas and Saurfang loyalists clashed in Durotar, Hamuul remained in Thunder Bluff to help the injured Baine. After Saurfang's death and Sylvanas's abandonment of the Horde, Champions arrived to deliver the news to Hamuul, Baine, Mayla Highmountain, and Ji Firepaw.[27] Hamuul was stunned to learn of Saurfang's death and believed that Saurfang's final act had given the Horde a renewal and rebirth.


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Hamuul traveled to Shady Sanctuary in the Ohn'ahran Plains on the Dragon Isles and is seen at Greenscale Inn, together with Bashana and Zen'Aliri.

After the Primalists claimed the portal to the Emerald Dream on the Ancient Bough, he aided the green dragonflight in reclaiming it.[28]

He later directed adventurers across the Isles with investigating the Dreamsurges in order to discover why the Emerald Dream was bleeding over into the Dragon Isles, unaware that it was a result of the growth of Amirdrassil.


Location Level range Reaction Notes
Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff[78.4, 28.4]VZ-Thunder BluffBlip 1-70 Alliance Horde
Red Rocks, Mulgore 1-70 Horde As part of the Children's Week.
Various in Mount Hyjal 30-35 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Hyjal storyline.
Mount Hyjal; Molten Front 38 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Firelands Invasion.
Sulfuron Keep, Firelands ?? Boss Alliance Horde
Dalaran; Moonglade; Dreamgrove; Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal 10-45 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Druid Campaign.
Emerald Dreamway; Malorne's Nightmare 45 Alliance Horde
High Rise, Thunder Bluff 40-70 Elite Horde As part of the Achievement alliedrace highmountaintauren [Allied Races: Highmountain Tauren] questline.
Emerald Dreamway; Malorne's Nightmare 45 Alliance Horde
Magni's Encampment, Silithus: The Wound 10-50 Elite Alliance Horde
Elder Rise, Thunder Bluff 50 Elite Horde As part of the Horde War Campaign finale.
Greenscale Inn, Ohn'ahran Plains 62-65 Alliance Horde


During the Dreamsurge, Hamuul Runetotem trades for Champion 1 (ilvl 415) catch-up gear:

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem (Inv 10 specialreagentfoozles coolegg green [Dreamsurge Chrysalis] vendor)
Item Cost Type
Wyrm's Bountiful Chest 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis 15x Inv misc questionmark [Wyrm's Shadowflame Crest Fragment]
Dreambound Drape 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (crit/haste)
Dreambound Cape 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (haste/vers)
Dreambound Greatcloak 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (vers/mastery)
Dreambound Shawl 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Back (crit/mastery)
Dreambound Crown 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth head
Dreambound Shoulderpads 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth shoulder
Dreambound Vestment 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth chest
Dreambound Cuffs 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth wrist
Dreambound Mitts 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth hands
Dreambound Cord 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth waist
Dreambound Pants 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth legs
Dreambound Sandals 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Cloth feet
Dreambound Cowl 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather head
Dreambound Epaulets 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather shoulder
Dreambound Vest 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather chest
Dreambound Bindings 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather wrist
Dreambound Handwraps 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather hands
Dreambound Sash 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather waist
Dreambound Breeches 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather legs
Dreambound Waders 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Leather feet
Dreambound Coif 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail head
Dreambound Shoulderguards 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail shoulder
Dreambound Chainmail 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail chest
Dreambound Vambraces 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail wrist
Dreambound Grips 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail hands
Dreambound Cinch 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail waist
Dreambound Greaves 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail legs
Dreambound Striders 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Mail feet
Dreambound Faceplate 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate head
Dreambound Mantle 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate shoulder
Dreambound Breastplate 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate chest
Dreambound Armplates 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate wrist
Dreambound Gauntlets 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate hands
Dreambound Girdle 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate waist
Dreambound Legguards 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate legs
Dreambound Sabatons 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Plate feet
Dreambound Loop 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Finger (haste/mastery)
Dreambound Signet 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Finger (vers/mastery)
Dreambound Band 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Finger (crit/haste)
Dreambound Choker 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Neck (haste/mastery)
Dreambound Barrier 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Shield
Dreambound Scepter 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Off-hand frill
Dreambound Wand 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Ranged wand
Dreambound Polearm 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Two-hand polearm
Dreambound Rifle 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Ranged gun
Dreambound Spellblade 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand sword (intellect)
Dreambound Shank 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand dagger (agility)
Dreambound Kris 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand dagger (intellect)
Dreambound Sword 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand sword (strength)
Dreambound Blade 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand word (agility)
Dreambound Greatsword 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Two-hand sword (strength)
Dreambound Hacker 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand axe (strength)
Dreambound Cleaver 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand axe (agility)
Dreambound Censer 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand mace (intellect)
Dreambound Mallet 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand mace (strength)
Dreambound Cudgel 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis One-hand mace (agility)
Dreambound Halberd 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Polearm (strength)
Dreambound Staff 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Staff (intellect)
Dreambound Warglaive 1 Dreamsurge Chrysalis Warglaives


Mount Hyjal
  • Spell nature earthelemental totem Earth's Rage — Increase the physical damage taken by the target by 2000%.
  • Spell nature abolishmagic Wrath — Hurls a bolt of lightning at an enemy, inflicting Nature damage.
  • Ability racial bearform Bear Form — Shapeshifts into a bear for 5 min., increasing armor and hit points, as well as allowing the use of various bear abilities.
  • Ability druid disembowel Mangle — Mangle the target, dealing Physical damage and additional damage over 15 sec.
  • Inv misc monsterclaw 03 Swipe — Swipe nearby enemies, inflicting Physical damage.
Molten Front
  • Ability hunter pet bear Feral Leap — An attack that instantly deals (8 + Attack power * 0.264 - 1) physical damage. Effects which increase Bleed damage also increase Maul damage.
  • Inv misc monsterclaw 03 Furious Swipe — An attack that instantly deals physical damage.
  • Ability druid maul Maul — An attack that instantly deals physical damage.
  • Spell nature dryaddispelmagic Seed Burst — Bursts open seeds within the targets body, killing them instantly.
  • Spell nature stranglevines Entrapping Roots — Hamuul summons Entrapping Roots at the target location!

As a follower[]

Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem is a Feral Druid Class Hall champion with the following abilities:

  • Ability druid catform Feral (Specialization) — Takes on the form of a great cat to deal damage with bleeds and bites, to counter some BossesCounters: Boss Boss
  • Spell druid stampedingroar cat Stampeding Roar (Ability) — Increases success chance of missions with Hazards by 15%. Counters: Hazard Hazard
  • Spell arcane starfire Starfall (Ability) — Calls down a rain of starlight to counter a MinionCounters: Minions Minions


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Mount Hyjal
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
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Elemental Unrest

Objective of[]

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Hamuul Runetotem is an elderly tauren who knows Naralex from years back, Hamuul lives in Thunder Bluff and trains druids. Quite old, he rarely leaves the city, but those that have seen his skills know that he is not to be trifled with. Sometimes some wonder if he’s past his prime, or even afraid of Naralex’s fate. He likely has enough power to help heal the caverns, but he claims he is too old to travel that far. He’s hesitant to travel by magic to the area, fearing the magic of the caverns will trap him the way Naralex was trapped. He sends new druids to Nara Wildmane in the Barrens when he feels they’re ready for further training.[29]

Hamuul Runetotem lives in Thunder Bluff, where he is an important leader of his community. Considered by many of his peers as one of the most honorable and just druids in the world, Hamuul Runetotem is fervently dedicated to the Cenarion Circle and the protection of nature. Hamuul recently dreamed that there was a group of druids who were noble, but had lost their way. They had become servants of the taint seeping through the Barrens.[30]

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • Hamuul appears as an alternate hero for the druid class in Hearthstone, only obtainable by pre-purchasing the Mega Bundle for the Forged in the Barrens expansion. His flavor text reads: Taught by Malfurion himself, Hamuul proves that night elves and tauren can get along well if they are both good natured.
    • Pre-purchasing any of the Forged in the Barrens bundles also unlocked the Hamuul card back, whose flavor text reads: Don't call him "Ham" unless you want him to have a beef with you.
    • Guff Runetotem, an exclusive Hearthstone character, is Hamuul's great-nephew.


Trading Card Game[]

Icon-TCG This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.

"May Cenarius smile upon you."[31]

World of Warcraft[]

WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.
Thunder Bluff

The earth keeps many secrets, <class>; it is our duty to ensure that those must remain a secret for the good of all stays as such.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
  • May the winds guide you.
  • We serve the land.
  • Always temper your strength with wisdom.
  • Nature seeks balance in all things.
In Sancutary of Malorne of Mount Hyjal
Look at this devastation, <class>! Blood and ash, as far as the eye can see.
But nature is not so easily put down. With some effort, we may yet coax life from this scorched soil.
Gossip Tell me about Tortolla.
Ah, Tortolla! Often misunderstood and always, always underestimated. Creatures who move effortlessly between land and sea look to Tortolla as their patron ancient.
Ten thousand years ago the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth, and Tortolla was among the ancients who took to the field of battle alongside Cenarius and the mortal races.
As the demon hordes crashed against the front lines of the beleaguered defenders, they didn't know what to make of Tortolla. At first they tried to ignore him, but his terrible weight and crushing jaws laid waste to hundreds...
Gossip Then what happened?
Tortolla never fell. Eventually the greatest Doomguards of the legion surrounded him, but couldn't pierce his stony skin and invulnerable shell. Oh, how they raged! Tortolla held his ground and covered a final retreat, before the mortal races regrouped and managed to seal the portal and end the invasion.
It was said that after the battle, Tortolla was found underneath a mountain of demon corpses. He shook the bodies free and his head emerged from the gore. Then, quietly, slowly... he asked if we had won.
<Hamuul rests a hand on his stomach and bellows a deep, unselfconscious laugh.>
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Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.


Thunder Bluff - Before Baine is informed of Varok's death

What news have you brought to us, <name>?

Thunder Bluff - After Baine is informed of Varok's death

Saurfang... I once thought him as permanent as the mountains, as unbreakable as the walls of Orgrimmar.

But all that lives must die one day. The most we hope for is that our death means something in the end. That it leads to renewable and rebirth.

The Horde is solely in need of both. Perhaps, with his final act, Saurfang has given them both to us at last.


  • May the winds guide you.
  • We serve the land.
  • Always temper your strength with wisdom.
  • Nature seeks balance in all things.
  • I may be old, but my senses remain sharp.
  • You temper your prescience with... recklessness.
  • Life... life finds a way.
  • There is much at... "steak" here. *laughs*
  • Farewell.
  • Earth Mother watch over you.
  • Nature is resilient.
  • A single thought is worth many actions.


Greenscale Inn gossip

Nature flourishes here. But we must always be ready to defend it.


The Dream presses against Azeroth, friend, and we are here to witness it.

Notes and trivia[]

  • After the trying events in the novel Stormrage, his light green eyes[5] are described as having become "not only strongly gold, but with a unique hint of emerald green at the edges".
  • Turak Runetotem is one of his assistants.[32]
  • Hamuul is voiced by David Lodge.



Patch changes[]

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Seen during the Firelands Invasion and during the Ragnaros encounter on heroic.
  • Cataclysm Hotfix (2011-04-29): Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem is no longer incorrectly visible at the Shrine of Malorne after players complete the quest Firefight while on the quest Aessina's Miracle.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23):
  • Given an unique voice.
  • Seen at Mount Hyjal.
  • WoW Icon update Patch 1.2.0 (2004-12-18): Added.

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