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AllianceHand of Argus
Main leader

Triumvirate of the Hand

Secondary leaders IconSmall Draenei Male Vindicator Vedaar
IconSmall Draenei Female Knight-Defender Zunade
Race(s) DraeneiDraenei Draenei
Character classes Anchorite, Hunter, Paladin, Scout, Vindicator, Warrior
Capital The Exodar[1]
  Formerly Shattrath City
Base of operations Azure Watch, Blood Watch, Sanctum of Light
Theater of operations Azeroth, Outland
  Formerly Argus, Draenor
Language(s) Draenei, Common
Faith(s) Holy Light of Creation
Sub-group(s) Defenders of Blood Watch
Affiliation Exodar, Alliance, Knights of the Silver Hand (allied)
Status Active
Tabard Hand of Argus Tabard

“A Hand of Argus is many things: Obedient, brave, intelligent, and above all, honorable.”


The Hand of Argus is an organization of draenei paladins and vindicators that serve as the primary military and police force of the Exodar draenei. Before the third invasion of the Burning Legion, they were mostly present and active in Bloodmyst Isle, where the greatest of the Exodar's crash corruption on the Azuremyst Isles had taken hold. They are considered elite among the draenei.[3]

The Hand of Argus is led by the Triumvirate of the Hand — Vindicators Boros, Kuros and Aesom. They are based in the Exodar, and stationed in Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle. However, despite remaining mostly on Bloodmyst Isle, the Hand's agents have been seen fighting their enemies in Ashenvale, Nagrand, and on the Broken Isles alongside their allies of the Silver Hand.


Crash on Azeroth[]

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In Outland, Prince Kael'thas' blood elves discovered the power of Tempest Keep and successfully seized it. To escape, the draenei and members of the Hand of Argus came out of hiding and managed to wrestle control of a wing of the keep, the Exodar, and tried to use it to flee and find aid in retaking their home. Before they could, however, the blood elves managed to sabotage what is essentially the "engine" of the draenei's transdimensional travel. A month later, the Exodar crash-landed on a chain of islands, the Azuremyst Isles, off the western coast of Kalimdor on Azeroth. As the surviving draenei salvaged what they could of their ship and tried to help what was left of their people, they began exploring this new world.

The Burning Crusade[]

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Blood Watch

Blood Watch in Bloodmyst Isle.

At some point, the Hand of Argus created two forward outposts in their new home: Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle and Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle.[4] A sub-group named the Defenders of Blood Watch was also formed to protect Blood Watch from any threat under the orders of Knight-Defender Zunade.

When it was discovered that Kael'thas's blood elves, known as the Sunfury, had followed the draenei to Azeroth to murder them,[5] enslave O'ros,[6] and steal the Exodar,[7] further investigations led the Hand of Argus to found that the traitor eredar Sironas has been leading a group called the Sunhawks in abducting draenei survivors. Among those they tortured,[8] until they willingly desired to become man'ari eredar,[9] was the former second-in-command of the Hand of Argus, Vindicator Saruan, who died because of the mistreatment of Matis the Cruel.

On the orders of Vindicator Kuros, Matis was hunted down and captured by his trackers so that the Triumvirate could judge him for his crimes.[6] After contemplating the direness of the situation, Prophet Velen ordered Vindicator Boros to organize the military campaign so that they may end the blood elven menace once and for all.[10] The Hand of Argus spearheaded the campaign, and with the help of Alliance adventurers, they destroyed the Sun Gates[11] and defeated Sironas; which consequently prevented Kael'thas from invading Kalimdor and corrupting the draenei into demons.[12]

In Outland, a few members of the Hand of Argus came to protect the town of Halaa in Nagrand when it was under the control of the Alliance. Some were captured and imprisoned in the Mag'har orc village known as Garadar. Following a skirmish around Halaa, Interrogator Khan was in charge of discovering what interests the Blood Knights had in the region and the Inv enchant dustvision [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample].

Wrath of the Lich King[]

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Azure Watch

Azure Watch in Azuremyst Isle.

A draenei delegation under the leadership of Harbinger Vurenn was sent to Valiance Keep in order to coordinate the draenei involvement in the war against the Lich King. However, both Counselor Talbot and General Arlos were reluctant to accept the help and the general decided to make use of the delegation in an advisory role, preventing the arrival of draenei battalions.[13]

After Vurenn's suspicions on the measures against the Cult of the Damned presence in the keep,[14] Vindicator Yaala conducted a secret investigation[15] that lead to the defeat of the cultists.[16] However, she felt that it wouldn't be the last time the Alliance would see the cultist, stating that "darkness has a way of hiding in plain light".[16]

Prophet's Lesson[]

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With Prophet Velen in deep contemplation on the eve of the Cataclysm, the Hand of Argus' leaders returned to the Exodar in an effort to reconnect with their brethren on Azeroth, and convened to discuss their people's future on Azeroth in light of the Exodar's repair. Vindicator Maraad came before them, and was outspoken with his opinion: that the draenei should leave to rebuild their second home on Outland and assist the Lost Ones remaining behind. The Triumvirate agreed, and it was decided that unless Velen ordered otherwise, within a week the Exodar would take flight for old Draenor.

Tensions were raised by the presence of Alliance refugees from across the ocean, who had come to Azuremyst to seek Velen - whom they saw as a mighty deity - and the draenei's protection. However, violence broke out when the increasingly paranoid refugees began slurring the vindicators as "demons" and became belligerent. Unsurprisingly, the battle was one-sided in the angered vindicators' favor, leaving the humans broken and dispersed.

Following the conflict, Velen himself emerged to quell the unrest, and peace was restored. Some of the vindicators were ashamed of having been riled to anger; but others, such as Maraad, were unmoved, feeling justified in their response. It was decided that the draenei would remain on Azeroth to combat the incoming threat.[1]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Forest Song New

Forest Song in Ashenvale.

Following the Cataclysm, Vindicator Baatun met new promising vindicators of the Hand of Argus in the Exodar and sent them to meet Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, one of the foremost paladins in the realm at the Cathedral of Light of Stormwind City, after the latter was impressed with their rapid progress.[17][18]

In Ashenvale, Vindicator Vedaar destroyed the remaining forces of the Burning Legion in the areas known as Felfire Hill, Demon Fall Canyon and Demon Fall Ridge,[19] preventing in the process a planned demonic attack against the draenei settlement of Forest Song by killing the dreadlords Diathorus and Gorgannon.[20] [21] Some members of the order could also be seen in the Stonetalon Mountains and were attacked by Horde adventurers on the orders of Overlord Krom'gar and General Grebo.[22][23]

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

During the war against the Iron Horde, members of the Hand of Argus joined the ranks of the Alliance forces in alternate Draenor. Vindicator Maraad notably managed to convince Varian Wrynn to sign the declaration of war on the Iron Horde. He led the forces of the Alliance against the Ironmarch invasion of the Blasted Lands, and later, on Draenor itself.

In alternate Nagrand, the presence of the corpse of Arbiter Khan, affiliated with the Hand of Argus, indicates that the order also existed on the alternate Draenor.[24]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Lightsworn Anchorite Azuremyst

Anchorite of the Hand of Argus protecting Azuremyst Isle with an arkonite defense crystal.

Following the Battle for Broken Shore, the Triumvirate led the Hand of Argus to the Sanctum of Light, beneath Light's Hope Chapel, in order to pay their respects to the fallen Highlord Tirion Fordring of the Argent Crusade. Vindicator Boros stepped forward and pledged his order's support to the new Highlord of the Silver Hand. Subsequently, many vindicators and members of the Hand joined the reformed Silver Hand, and some of them could be found training new paladins in the Armory of the Silver Hand.

During the Assault on Light's Hope Chapel by the Ebon Blade, who came to retrieve Tirion's body and make him the last member of the Four Horsemen, a few Argus Purifiers fought alongside the Silver Hand forces to repel the undead invaders. While they were defeated, the Light itself intervened and burned the surrounded death knights, forcing them to flee and granting victory to the paladins.[25]

Several units of the Hand defended the Exodar during the Legion's invasion of the draenei capital. Some of them also appeared at Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore, where they occasionally trained with Stormforged Valarjar, blessed people with the Blessing of Kings, and healed wounded paladins.

On Argus, Lightsworn Anchorites and High Vindicators of the Hand were present among the Azerothian forces, they were notably in the Vindicaar and on all the battlefields of the campaign.

Following the end of the invasion, it is unknown if the Hand of Argus remained affiliated or not with the Silver Hand, although draenei are still present and active in their ranks.[26]


Shadowlands This section concerns content related to Shadowlands.

After the Fourth War, Vindicator Baatun still met new promising vindicators of the Hand of Argus in the Exodar. He then sent them to meet Ezul'aan, one of the foremost paladins in the realm at the Training Hall in the Old Town of Stormwind City after the latter was impressed with their rapid progress.[27][28]


Main article: Draenei#Faith
Maraad by Eric Braddock

Maraad, Vindicator of the Hand of Argus.

The members of the Hand of Argus defer to the Triumvirate of the Hand in subtle ways, their obedience derived from a pyramid of authority that tolerated no ego at either its top or its base.[1]

Like the draenei society, the order is centered around the Holy Light of Creation.[29] They were introduced to the Light by the naaru while sailing across the cosmos aboard Oshu'gun, fleeing from the Burning Legion that consumed their original home, Argus. The enigmatic holy beings taught them the ways of the Light,[30] and deeply affected by the naaru's words, the draenei vowed to honor the Light and uphold the naaru's altruistic ideals. They serve the Light unquestioningly.[31]

The Inv hammer 28 [Hammer of the Naaru] is a Light-blessed crystalline weapon,[32] which is used by many paladins and vindicators in the Hand of Argus.

Those interested in joining the organization must be trained in the ways of the draenei soldier by superiors and subordinates of the organization.[2] In order to prove their worth and abilities, the disciples must pass many difficult tests,[33] as a member of the order is many things: Obedient, brave, intelligent, and above all, honorable.[2] Becoming a member of the Hand of Argus is a process of rebirth, and with birth comes pain, as heavy-handed violence is not the draenei way, but sometimes it is the only way.[34] According to Kessel, "Honorable people do not always perform honorably. Sometimes they cannot".[2]

In their ranks, the hunters have the mission of tracking down and eliminating the organization's targets, or capturing them to bring them to justice.[35]

According to Vindicator Maraad, unlike the verbal games and unpredictable reactions of the other races of the Alliance, the discourse in the organization is ordered and measured, somehow comforting in its reasonable ebb and flow.[1]

The order does not mistreat or beat their prisoners, even during interrogation. However, they can call on the Broken, as these latter have no issues with violence.[36]

Notable members[]

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The members of the Triumvirate of the Hand are the leaders of the Hand of Argus.

Name Title Role(s) Affiliation(s) Status
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Boros Vindicator First-in-command of the Hand of Argus and Champion of the Silver Hand. Exodar, Silver Hand Alive
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Kuros Vindicator Second-in-command of the Hand of Argus. Exodar, Silver Hand Alive
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Aesom Vindicator Third-in-command of the Hand of Argus. Exodar, Silver Hand Alive
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Saruan Vindicator Former Second-in-command of the Hand of Argus, killed by Matis the Cruel. Exodar Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Vedaar Vindicator Commander of the Hand of Argus at Forest Song, Ashenvale. Exodar Alive
Alliance IconSmall Maraad Maraad Vindicator Uncle of Garona Halforcen, military leader in Draenor, killed by Blackhand. Exodar, Valiance Expedition Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Khan Interrogator Interrogator in charge of learn the blood elves' plans in Nagrand. Exodar, Argent Dawn Alive
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Male Kessel Elekk Lord Disciple of the Hand of Argus at Kessel's Crossing, Bloodmyst Isle. Exodar Alive
Alliance IconSmall Draenei Female Zunade Knight-Defender Leader of the Defenders of Blood Watch at Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle. Exodar Alive


  • Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle is one of their forward bases, though they do not have an active presence there in-game.[4]
  • A draenei player may become a member of the Hand of Argus by completing A [1-30] Ending Their World and acquiring the Inv shirt 12 [Tabard of the Hand].
  • Harbinger Vurenn is not affiliated with the Hand of Argus. In fact, having "official" ties to the order would be a hindrance for his area of expertise. Vurenn remains an extremely well-connected draenei whose contacts include vindicators, such as Yaala, of that very organization.[37]
  • Unlike other races whose paladins are tied to specific orders, not all draenei paladins and vindicators are necessarily members of the Hand of Argus.
  • The Hand of Argus may have been present at the Eye of the Storm, since Iravar and all the other named battlemasters led the Alliance effort to take that battleground before the Blood Knights of the Horde.
  • An unreleased Legion follower description stated that the Hand of Argus was once a mighty order of draenei paladins dedicated to protecting their people from their Legion hunters. Their numbers have yet to fully recover from the slaughter in Draenor at the hands of bloodlusted orcs, but Vindicator Boros refuses to let their legacy die. He has dedicated himself to renew their sacred vows at all costs.[38]


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