HordeHand of Vengeance
Vengeance landing 2.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Sylvanas.gif Sylvanas Windrunner (founder)
Secondary leaders IconSmall Undead Male.gif High Executor Anselm (Vengeance Landing)
IconSmall Undead Male.gif High Executor Wroth (Venomspite)
IconSmall Undead Male.gif Chief Plaguebringer Harris (New Agamand)
IconSmall UndeadElf Female.gif Ranger Captain Areiel (Ghostblade Post)
Race(s) IconSmall Undead Male.gifIconSmall Undead Female.gif Forsaken
Undead elfUndead elf Undead elf
IconSmall Abomination.gif Abomination
Character classes Apothecary, Alchemist, Rogue, Assassin, Plaguebringer, Warrior, Cannoneer
Base of operations Vengeance Landing, New Agamand, and Ghostblade Post (Howling Fjord), Venomspite (Dragonblight)

The Hand of Vengeance is the group of Forsaken forces that have been sent to Northrend by Sylvanas Windrunner to bring Undercity's vengeance upon the Lich King. Their method is the delivery of the latest strain of their deadly Plague.[1] They have allied with The Taunka and the Warsong Offensive, under the leadership of the Horde Expedition, in order to oppose the Lich King.


Howling Fjord




As of patch 3.3, you can farm reputation for this faction by running WotLK Heroic Dungeons while not wearing any tabard.

The following daily quests give 62 to 63 reputation points:


Tabard of The Hand of Vengeance

  • A tabard for the Hand of Vengeance exists but is only available for NPCs.

Patch changes


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