Hangman's Point

Hangman's Point[71, 43] is an execution site on the eastern coast of Drustvar, dominated by a large, crooked gallows tree. It is bordered by Hawthorne's Plot to the northwest, Watcher's Wood to the west, and the Snapclaw Shore to the south. A bridge connects the area to Vigil Hill in Tiragarde Sound.

Constable Henry Framer led a trial against Lucille Waycrest here, accusing her of practicing witchcraft and casting a curse on Fletcher's Hollow.[1] An adventurer and Marshal Everit Reade intervened, with the former proving Lucille's innocence with a series of tests. However, the constable still refused to release Lucille until he got an explanation for the events in Fletcher's Hollow.[2] The adventurers eventually discovered that the curse on the town was the work of the Heartsbane Coven and brought Framer a letter from the mayor Evelyn Pare, clearing Lucille's name and allowing her to leave with the marshal.[3] After fending off an ambush from the coven,[4] the group set off to Arom's Stand.[5]



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