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Image of Hanlir
Title <Mining Trainer>
Gender Male
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 62
Reaction Aldor Scryers
Affiliation(s) Scryers
Location Scryer's Tier, Shattrath[59, 75]
Status Alive

Hanlir is a blood elf mining trainer and vendor located on the Scryer's Tier in Shattrath City. He does not offer his services to those allied with the Aldor.

Vendor information

Inv pick 02.png [Mining Pick]
Inv misc bag 10 blue.png [Mining Sack]
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 02.png [Weak Flux]
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01.png [Strong Flux]
Inv ore tin 01.png [Coal]
Inv box 02.png [Jeweler's Kit]

Trainer information

Skill req Recipe name Creates Cost
1 Mining (75) - -
50 Mining (150) - 5s
50 Smelt Tin  [Tin Bar] 50c
50 Smelt Bronze 2x  [Bronze Bar] 2s
65 Smelt Silver  [Silver Bar] 2s
100 Smelt Iron  [Iron Bar] 5s
115 Smelt Gold  [Gold Bar] 6s
125 Mining (225) - 50s
125 Smelt Steel  [Steel Bar] 7s 50c
150 Smelt Mithril  [Mithril Bar] 50s
165 Smelt Truesilver  [Truesilver Bar] 1g
200 Mining (300) - 5g
230 Smelt Thorium  [Thorium Bar] 2g
250 Enchanted Thorium Bar  [Enchanted Thorium Bar] 1g
275 Mining (375) - 10g
275 Smelt Fel Iron  [Fel Iron Bar] 4g
300 Earth Shatter 10x  [Mote of Earth] 1g
300 Fire Sunder 10x  [Mote of Fire] 1g
325 Smelt Adamantite  [Adamantite Bar] 4g
350 Mining (450) - 35g
350 Smelt Eternium  [Eternium Bar] 4g
350 Smelt Felsteel  [Felsteel Bar] 4g
350 Smelt Cobalt  [Cobalt Bar] 10g
375 Smelt Khorium  [Khorium Bar] 10g
375 Smelt Hardened Adamantite  [Hardened Adamantite Bar] 10g
400 Smelt Saronite  [Saronite Bar] 15g
425 Mining (525) - 50g
425 Smelt Obsidium  [Obsidium Bar] 5g
450 Smelt Titanium  [Titanium Bar] 20g
450 Smelt Titansteel  [Titansteel Bar] 20g
475 Smelt Elementium  [Elementium Bar] 5g
500 Mining (600) - 60g
500 Smelt Ghost Iron  [Ghost Iron Bar] 6g
500 Smelt Hardened Elementium  [Hardened Elementium Bar] 5g
525 Smelt Pyrite  [Pyrium Bar] 5g
600 Smelt Trillium  [Trillium Bar] 6g


  • His Aldor counterpart is Fono.
  • A forge can be found in the room with him.

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