For the animated series, see Harbingers.

Harbinger harbored at Faldir's Cove.

The interior.

The Harbinger was one of three Blackwater Raiders frigates in search of a lost elven treasure in the reefs of the Arathi Highlands. When one of Professor Phizzlethorpe's contraptions indicated the lost treasure was near Faldir's Cove, they docked and signaled for the Spirit of Silverpine and the Maiden's Folly to follow suit. Suddenly, the sea rumbled, the tides lowered, and the two ships crashed into the Drowned Reef. The Harbinger and her crew remained stranded in the cove, scared to leave and fearing something lied beneath the waves waiting for them.

By the time of the Battle for Stromgarde, the Harbinger was not docked at Faldir's Cove anymore.