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Title Chieftain
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior
Occupation Chieftain
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Narim (consort)

Chieftain Hargal was an orc chieftain of an unknown clan sometime before the rise of the Old Horde, but at a time when orcs had encountered the summoning of dreadlords. His life is now remembered through four artifacts which can be found using archaeology in Outland.


The  [Gray Candle Stub] and  [Maul of Stone Guard Mur'og] show Chieftain Hargal's prowess in battle. The former artifact tells of a dreadlord Azagrim being summoned and killing twenty-eight orcs before Hargal dispatched him. The latter item speaks of the Battle of the Black Teeth in which the chieftain defeated Mur'og.

Assassination attempts and death

The  [Tiny Bronze Scorpion] was once a living scorpion that was bronzed to preserve it as a message from Hargal to those that would try to assassinate him. The bottom of the scorpion reads, "'The chieftain laughs at your pathetic assassination attempts."

Though it seems that Hargal faced death in many ways through his life, his end came at the hand of his consort, Narim. Using the  [Rusted Steak Knife], she stabbed him in a fit of jealousy. The knife doesn't reveal what provoked the attack, only that it ended Chieftain Hargal's life.


  • The achievement  The Harder they Fall requires the player character to assemble the four items listed above.