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Harnessing the Power

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NeutralHarnessing the Power
End Magni Bronzebeard
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Heart of Azeroth
Experience 1,800
Reputation +150 Champions of Azeroth
Rewards [The Heart Forge]
2g 34s
Previous N [120] The Heart Forge
Next B [120] Back Out to Sea


Use the Petrified Ebony Scale atop the Heart Forge to infuse its power into the Heart of Azeroth.


Heart Forge online.

Initiate final attunement sequence.

Awaiting input from champion unit <name>.


You will receive:


Standing by.


Well, well! Looks like the Heart o' Azeroth has got new capabilities, just like MOTHER said!

Be on the lookout fer more o' those essences. They've got tae be all over Azeroth.


Use the essence item and empower your Heart of Azeroth. You also get  [Shattered Dragonscale].


  1. N [120] Essential Empowerment
  2. N [120] MOTHER Knows Best
  3. N [120] A Disturbance Beneath the Earth
  4. N [50] Take My Hand
  5. N [50] Calming the Spine
  6. N [50] Dominating the Indomitable
  7. N [50] A Friendly Face
  8. N [120] The Heart Forge
  9. N [120] Harnessing the Power
  10. B [120] Back Out to Sea
  11. B [120] Scouting the Palace

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