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Gender Female
Race Tuskarr
Occupation Fisher
Status Unknown
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Harooka is one of the oldest fishers from Taruka's clan of tuskarr. Her moustache is dyed blue, and her tusks are carved with marks of great deeds instead of the usual family or clan symbols worn by most of her kind. Taruka has never dared to ask Harooka what the marks mean, since the old fisher never talks about them herself and is known to be deadly with both a spear and her bad temper. She nearly drowned once, causing her voice to be permanently scratchy.

When the clan was preparing to set off for Kamagua, Harooka sought out Taruka to warn her about a danger in Lyquokk Strait and tell her to instead take the safer route around Praak Island on her way to Kamagua. Taruka became suspicious and concluded that the other fishers were simply trying to keep her away from a prime fishing spot. However, when she later did sail through the strait, she was attacked by a huge sea monster and realized that Harooka's warning had been honest.[1]