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Hasic is one of the eastern ports on the shores of Lordaeron.[1] It is affiliated with the Alliance, and serves the Great Sea, offering passage by ship to Khaz Modan. Hasic maintained land routes to its neighbors, especially the major realms of Hillsbrad and Southshore. It is more than a week's journey to reach either one.[2] The port's tavern was called the Sea Boar.

Following the Second War and the Invasion of Draenor, Rhonin visited the northern area of the port seeking out boats to travel to Khaz Modan.[3] When Rhonin and his escort arrived, Falstad Wildhammer and his gryphon riders were guarding Hasic, following an attack by a pair of dragon riders of the Dragonmaw clan three days earlier.[4]


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  • Hasic is missing from the game likely because of world scale issues. It might also have been destroyed during the Third War by the Scourge.
  • It is stated that between Hasic and Khaz Modan there is only water, and the island of Tol Barad.[5] This indicates that the port might be located somewhere in Lordaeron's southern coast, be it Hillsbrad Foothills, the Arathi Highlands, or less likely, Gilneas. But since Tol Barad's location was changed, this leaves it more ambiguous.