Hastily-Scrawled Page

Hastily-Scrawled Page is an object located in Lord Ravencrest's Chamber inside Black Rook Hold.


Hastily-Scrawled Page

What I felt after my father's passing is not for you to know. That pain is mine to keep. Mine to use. But I will say that my views changed. My hubris crumbled away. I questioned everything and everyone. I searched for a way to strike back at the Legion, for a weapon to make the demons suffer as much as I had.

And in that searching, I realized that Illidan had been right all along. Though he was cold and arrogant, he had been effective. He understood that to defeat the demons, we must make sacrifices. We must forgo our fear and apprehension, and embrace the unknown.

In the wake of my father's death, Illidan disappeared. Rumors spread concerning his whereabouts. Some elves claimed he had died. Others said that he had abandoned the resistance and joined the demons. Do not believe these lies. Illidan is still on our side. He is working from the shadows to uncover the Legion's weaknesses. No matter how questionable his methods may be, they are necessary.

I go now to find him, to walk in his footsteps and learn what I can about our enemy. Where this path will lead, I do not know. But I will do whatever I must to avenge my father and save our race from extinction.

If you wish to do the same, come find me.

-Illysanna Ravencrest

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