Main leader  Malas the Corrupter
Race(s) NerubianNerubianNerubianNerubian Nerubian
Character classes Necromancer
Base of operations Kolramas, Zul'Drak
Affiliation Scourge
Status Active

The Hath'ar are undead nerubians located in Zul'Drak led by Malas the Corrupter.

Originally aboard the flying necropolis Kolramas, the Hath'ar and their base of operations were shot down from the sky by the Drakkari tribe. Unfortunately for the Argent Crusade forces nearby the crash did not kill all the Scourge within. After emerging from the crash the Hath'ar took to raising the fallen members of the Argent Crusade and using them against them. In response to this Sergeant Moonshard has called for the death of the Hath'ar Necromagus forces.[1]

The Hath'ar have taken over Drak'Sotra trapping the Argent Crusade forces in the land between two armies.[2] In response to this the Argent Crusade forces in the area request aid in stopping the flow of reinforcements and rescuing trapped members of the crusade.[3][4]

Ultimately the Argent Crusade demands the death of Malas.[5]




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