AllianceHatred's Focus
Start Ulfar
End Ulfar
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category The Pride of Kul Tiras
Experience 22,310
Rewards  [Glowing Azerite Crystal] (250x [Azerite])
46g 80s
Previous A [120] The Old Bear
Next A [50D] Waycrest Manor: Draining the Heartsbane


Collect Korvash's Skull from Korvash in Gol Osigr.


An effigy requires a central focus. The coven are fond of using animal skulls for this purpose, but for your task you will need something much more potent.

Korvash was a trusted lieutenant to Gorak Tul, as well as a powerful sorcerer, until he was defeated at the battle of Arom's Stand. His bones remain at the site of his demise, now buried by the years.

Find them, and take his skull.


You will receive:


Have you found Korvash's bones?


Korvash's skull will make a powerful focus indeed, but the years have drained it of its natural potency.

You will need to take further steps to prepare it for your ritual.

Notes and trivia

Get back to Arom's Stand then head south to Gol Osigr.

Korvash's Bones are found on the surface at the southeast end of the quest area. Interact with them or help another player defeat Korvash.

Interact and aggro:

Korvash says: An outsider dares to desecrate these bones?
Korvash says: You will pay!


Korvash says: Gorak Tul... will break you...

During the beta, its name was Stones.


  1. A [120] What You May Regret
  2. A [120] Lost Shipment
  3. A [120] A Local Guide
  4. A [120] An Explosive Entrance
  5. A [120] The Keys to Success in Freehold
  6. A [120] Sweete's Strongbox
  7. A [120D] Tol Dagor: The Fourth Key
  8. A [120] The Mysterious Island
  9. A [120] A Forlorn Hope
  10. A [120] The Strength of the Storm & A [120] Ritual Effects
  11. A [120D] Shrine of the Storm: The Missing Ritual
  12. A [120] Opening the Way
  13. A [120] Fate's End
  14. A [120] Lost in Darkness
  15. A [120] Of Myth and Fable
  16. A [120] The Old Bear
  17. A [120] Nightmare Catcher & A [120] Buried Power & A [120] Hatred's Focus
  18. A [50D] Waycrest Manor: Draining the Heartsbane
  19. A [120] Into Darkness
  20. A [120] Runic Resistance
  21. A [120] Thros, the Blighted Lands
  22. A [50D] Siege of Boralus: Lady Ashvane's Return
  23. A [120] A Nation United

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