Hatred's Vice.

Trapped in a Strange Land.

Hatred's Vice was the territory of the Palewind tribe of yaungol. The Sha of Hatred came through, causing tribe members to turn against one another with the end result that the entire village was slaughtered. Ashfang Hyenas have come to scavenge the pieces. Several yaungol oil derricks are here.

Hatred's Vice can be found along the great wall bordering Kun-Lai Summit, in between Longying Outpost and the Gao-Ran Battlefront. Off to the west are the Upper Sumprushes and the Dampsoil Burrow and immediately to the south is Shallowstep Pass. The totem Trapped in a Strange Land can be found in the middle of camp near where members of the Shado-Pan Caravan set up for a few quests.

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  • During the beta, the name "Hatred's Vice" didn't show up on the map, but instead Palewind Village was portrayed not long east of it.

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