The darkened crevices of Haustvald.

Haustvald[72, 41] is a vast stone complex in eastern Stormheim used by the vrykul to perform sacred rituals or ceremonies. The location is one of the most important in the region for Stormheim's vrykul, and serves as the home of the Bonespeakers cult. The site is located beside the Runewood and the Field of Fallen Kings, carved as it is directly into a large cliff face.

Haustvald serves as one of the very few access points to the realm of Helheim, the domain of the Sea-Witch Helya, which can be reached through a portal in the heart of the complex.

In recent times, the Bonespeakers that inhabit the area have abandoned their ancient vows, now choosing instead to practice dark rites from the sacred site. As undead monstrosities stalk the ruins, Haustvald would turn into a focal point of the conflict gripping Stormheim at the time of the third invasion of the Burning Legion.


As seen from the Runewood

Haustvald has long served as an important site for the vrykul of Stormheim (and specifically the cult of the Bonespeakers) since their arrival on the Broken Isles ages ago. Along with locations such as Shield's Rest and the Gates of Valor, it would become central to the locals' honoring of their dead and the worship of their gods. Here, an access point to Helheim could be found, as well as a powerful altar used by mystics to reunite the spirit and body of fallen warriors.[1]

By the time of the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the once-sacred complex and its surroundings had become tainted by the darkness which gripped the Bonespeakers. Abandoning their ancient duties and throwing their loyalty behind God-King Skovald, the mystics began desecrating the remains of the fallen, often raising them as undead. One such case was that of Ashildir, ancient queen of the Valkyra, whose remains were stolen by the Bonespeakers.[2]

In working against Skovald and seeking the aid of Ashildir, champions of the Alliance and Horde would venture into Haustvald itself, battling the dark forces residing there. As part of this, the Bonespeakers and their perverse creations were targeted.[3] These heroes would also restore Ashildir's remains and eventually journey through the great portal of Haustvald and into Helheim itself to confront Helya.

Later, when Odyn dispatched his chosen champions to finally put an end to Helya in her own realm, this forces would once again pass through the ancient complex. Pushing through the forces of Helheim occupying Haustvald, they breached the gateway to Helya's domain.[4]



Notes and trivia

  • Numerous grappling points allow access to hard-to-reach points throughout Haustvald.
  •  [Haustvald 25 Year, Runewood Cask], an expensive alcoholic beverage, is named for the site.
  • In Icelandic, the word haust translates to "autumn", with vald meaning "power" or "force".
    • This may be in reference to the autumnal nature of the nearby Runewood and the surrounding landscape.


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