Havenshire Stables

During Phase 2 of Scarlet Enclave

The Havenshire Stables are located in north-central Havenshire, south of Death's Breach and the Havenshire Mine, north of the Havenshire Lumber Mill and the Havenshire Farms. During the First Phase of the Scarlet Enclave the stables flourish, as with the rest of Havenshire, and house various horses. Havenshire Stallions, Havenshire Mares, and Havenshire Colts can be found all around the stable grounds.

Death Knights are sent here during N Death Knight [8-30] Grand Theft Palomino to steal a horse which will become their deathcharger in the follow up quest.

Stable Master Kitrik, a level 56 elite, patrols the stable's grounds, watching for any young death knights attempting to steal his horses. He should be avoided as he rides a mount and like most of the mounted riders in the Scarlet Enclave he does not dismount when attacking making it hard to escape. One should not attempt to steal a horse infront of him as he possesses an ability which will dismount you from the horse.

Upon the Second Phase of the Scarlet Enclave the Stables have been captured by the Scourge. All the Horses seem to have been transformed into Acherus Deathchargers. The Stables it's self is on fire, with several deathchargers inside not minding the blaze.

Outside of the Death Knight starting area the stables are abandoned, as with the rest of Havenshire.

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